Your Spine Is Your Lifeline

by Chiropractors Brighton on July 16, 2009

Life BuoyThe following are some of the reasons to have your spine checked :

1. Your heels wear out unevenly.
This can be due to uneven leg length or stress along the length of the spine

2. You can’t take a satisfying deep breath.
Breath and spinal health can be interrelated.

3. Your jaw “clicks”.
This can may caused by neck subluxations

4. You have to “crack” your neck, back, or other joints frequently.
This may be caused by fixed or immobile areas of your spine.

5. You can’t turn your head or twist your hips to either side easily and equally.
Caused from a reduced range of motion.

6. You are often fatigued. (1) (2)
This may be due to a spine out of alignment.

7. You have poor concentration.
This may be due to Subluxations.

8. Your foot flares out when walking. (3)
This may be a sign of a problem in the lower spine or hips, or meningeal stress in the upper neck or base of the brain. (3)

9. One leg appears shorter than the other.

10. You have poor posture.

11. You have headaches, back aches, sore or tender spots in muscles or joints.
These are all common signs of subluxations.

12. You have a constant stressful feeling and tension especially in muscles and joints.
Subluxations affect muscles.

13. You feel stiffness in your back and neck.
Subluxations can cause stiffness.

14. You just don’t feel right, you are in general poor health.
Subluxations can affect your overall health.

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