Your Brighton and Hove Chiropractor, Dr Sarah Woodland

by Chiropractors Brighton on April 21, 2009

sarahlargeFrom a young age I have always had a very keen interest in the human bodies’ function both anatomically and physically. At the age of 7 I began ballet lessons and soon found a real love for dance and over the hears I have studies various genres of dance styles, including pilates and yoga. Being both healthy and extremely active I always focused on pain as opposed to maintaining how healthy I was, however sadly my dance career came to a halt when I was just 17 through injury.

Possibly an undetected spine or joint problem, or years of poor posture could have been what signalled the end of my dance career when I partially tore my Achilles tendon three times!
I was such a keen and motivated young dancer, I pushed my body beyond it’s limits and didn’t listen to the warning signs my body was giving out. I have to so often re-inforce to my patients that giving up something short term will enable them to continue doing something long term. It’s just a shame I have learnt this lesson through my own experiences!!

Over a course of two years I had various healthcare professionals asses and provide treatment for me, however, it was Chiropractic where I really found the belief that I would get and stay well. Unfortunately it was too late for me to pursue a dance career, but my new knowledge of the human body completely transformed my love and drive for my new found career – Chiropractic.
Through my own experiences I feel I can empathise and completely relate with what the patient is going through and can help educate them to long term health and wellness.

My new goal and ambition is to train for the “Run to the Beat” half marathon in September. I understand how important it is for my body to work at its optimum.

I take regular Chiropractic checkups and care to enable my body to restore normal function to my joints and muscles as well as my nervous system. This will therefore increase the control and co-ordination and strength of my muscles, therefore further increasing my athletic potential.

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Damon McMinn April 23, 2009 at 12:52 am

Great to hear you’re focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want (pain). Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy life!

jan tutt May 12, 2009 at 4:13 pm

Hi sarah,

Got the letter with regard your departure… this has to be one of the saddest days for me in a while, I am deeply saddened by this news but hope whatever and wherever you may be I wish you the very best of luck and share your healing with others who have yet not found you.

I truly am sad,

very best wishes,


Chiropractors Brighton May 13, 2009 at 8:35 pm

Hi Jan, we acknowledge your feelings about Sarah leaving Chiropractic Life.
When things happened like this when I was young, my mother used to say “there is nothing as permanent as change”, and I guess that is true, nothing in life stays the same.
We wish Sarah all the best as she moves in a new direction in her life, meantime we are delighted to welcome Cassie to our clinic and we feel confident you will develop the same rapor with Cassie as well.

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