Your Body – The Best Drug Manufacturer In The World!

by Chiropractors Brighton on January 31, 2011

Your body is the most amazing drug producing facility in the whole world!

It is capable of:

  1. Making any and every drug we can possibly ever need
  2. Knowing how to give us exactly the right prescription strength and amount to keep us healthy
  3. Delivering the right amount at the right time – because our body changes from hour to hour, day to day and so do our needs
  4. Producing 24/7
  5. Delivering everything for free!
  6. Having the fastest delivery system in the whole world!
  7. Having the Cleverest Doctor in the World at it’s disposal

Your body is totally capable of all this if it is just given the chance.  You were conceived – this happened without direction from any outside source) and then you were born.  Your body knew exactly when this should happen – giving you the best chance of survival.  Your body is capable of doing all the wonderful things mentioned above.  It makes the right amount of drug, at the right time, at a moment’s notice, free of charge.  Most things happen in our body without our conscious control.  We do not have to tell our body to produce digestive juice to digest our food, or to make insulin to regulate our blo0d sugar, or make our heart beat, or control our blood pressure or temperature or to breathe  etc etc.  We cannot learn this intelligence.  It is in us by design.  This innate intelligence is the greatest doctor in the whole world and it uses the brain as it’s nerve centre and headquarters.  It sends it’s prescriptions for running the body through the nervous system (housed in the moving bones of the spinal column).  Messages from your brain go across the nerves to all parts of the body.  There are absolutely billions of nerves  which bring messages and life to every part of your body.    Instructions are sent along these nerves from your innate intelligence to every part of the body instructing it how to maintain health (homoeostasis).  Such instructions tell your cells, glands and organs what chemicals are required, where your body needs repairing, what invaders need to be destroyed and where cancer cells may be lurking – all without your conscious knowledge!  THIS ALL HAPPENS AS LONG AS THERE IS NO INTERFERENCE TO THE SUPERHIGHWAY OF COMMUNICATION – YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM.

Your nervous system controls and co-ordinates every cell, tissue, muscle, gland, organ and system of your entire body but sometimes spinal misalignments interfere with this process.  Your Doctor of Chiropractic is trained to remove these interferences, to allow the body to once again communicate with itself effectively – to do what it knows best to do in producing chemicals and hormones in the right amount, at the right time to bring your body back to health.  Our innate intelligence is “wired” to health and it will do everything it can to bring the body back to health.

BUT……………………… cannot do these things when we disobey nature’s laws.   We need to:

  • Eat Well – so that the body has good raw material to produce the chemicals  that create the drugs your body needs.
  • Move Well – so that everything is in good working order to manufacture these drugs.
  • Think Well – create a positive mental attitude as this influences the kind of drugs the body produces
  • Choose  Well - Get sufficient physical and emotional rest and relaxation
  • Keep your nervous system free of interference by having regular Chiropractic care so that your body can respond to the Doctor Within you.  A healthy spine means healthy nerves, which allows healthy messages to travel unhindered  -  producing health and vitality.

Don’t wait for ill health to happen – consult a Chiropractic Life Chiropractor today!

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