Why Are We Sick And What Is Required To Get Well?

by Chiropractors Brighton on February 15, 2011

Brighton Chiropractors

Dr James Chestnut’s book has finally arrived and answers the questions of “Why are we sick and What is required to get well?“.  Dr Chestnut is a Chiropractor on a mission to save humanity from destroying itself with chronic illness.

His book is the most easily understood, evidence-based, undeniable argument ever put forward regarding the indisputable facts that:

1. The era of addressing the effects of illness (symptoms and risk factors) has never worked, will never work, costs millions of lives, costs billions of pounds, is destroying health care, and must come to an end.

2. The new evidence-based era of addressing the cause of illness (chronic lifestyle and environmental stressors) will save millions of lives, will save billions of pounds, will save health care, and must begin.

Dr. Chestnut’s revolutionary protocols for wellness and prevention are based on over twenty four years of scientific research regarding the human genetic requirements with respect to nutrition, exercise, thoughts and emotions. He has spent over two decades researching and finding the answers to what he identifies as ‘The Two Fundamental Questions Regarding Human Health – Why are we sick? and What is required to get and stay well?

Dr. Chestnut’s concept of Eat WellMove WellThink Well® is the lifestyle foundation for wellness and prevention.

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