Who Heals Your Body?

by Chiropractors Brighton on March 29, 2010

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Who Heals Your Body?

Your body is a community of approximately seventy trillion cells!  There are one hundred thousand chemical processes occurring in each cell in your body EVERY second! Therefore, seven quintillion (7 followed by 18 zeros) chemical processes occuring in your body EACH and EVERY second of your whole entire life!  (Doesn’t that just make you feel exhausted thinking about what your body is doing??)  This activity is controlled and co-ordinated by the Innate Intelligence of your body, direct from your brain and through your nervous system.  THIS is why your Chiropractor is so interested in your Nervous System.

When you break a bone or cut your finger, have you ever wondered how it heals?   Do you think it is the antibiotic cream you apply to the injury, or the plaster you cover it with?  Perhaps if we did the same to a piece of steak which we just bought from the butcher – applied antibiotic cream and applied a plaster to cover it? Do you think that would heal in seven days?? .  Of course not!  It would be smelly and rotting!  From this we know it is not the antibiotic cream or the plaster covering that does the healing.  What then, heals your body??

The human body is a collection of cells, molecules, and structures organized by Innate Intelligence. This Innate Intelligence knows more about the body than any scholar, scientist or pharmacist – more that we could ever hope to understand. This Innate Intelligence organizes the most complex structure in the history of the world, and we have no clue that it is ever happening – one hundred thousand chemical processes occurring in every cell, every second!  Innate Intelligence is smarter than any human brain on earth.  It knows exactly what chemical to produce and release to your cells, what amount is needed, the exact location where it is needed, what frequency is needed, and the exact time of the day it is needed – who could possibly know any of that and get it right for each person???

So what happens when your chiropractor gives you an adjustment?  Your body’s innate intelligence accepts the energy and uses it to remove interference from your nervous system.  Remember it is your nervous system that is controlling and co-ordinating all the above one hundred thousand chemical processes every second in every cell, and of course it is doing much more than that!  Your body knows exactly what to do with the energy that is created through adjusting your nervous system and will apply it as healing energy to the most pressing need your body has – not always to the area where you are feeling pain!!  This is because your body has it’s own healing agenda – it knows where the most urgent need of healing is – something you or your chiropractor has absolutely no knowledge of –  you only know where there is pain and your chiropractor knows where there are subluxations, however your body knows what to do with the energy that is released when your Chiropractor does an adjustment! How awesome is that?????

As humans, we shed and regrow our outer skin cells about once every twenty seven days. That works out to about one thousand different skins in our lifetimes. How does the body know how to do that? Better yet, why does the body do that? Only our Innate Intelligence knows for sure.  Innate Intelligence is present in every living thing.  Innate Intelligence always works towards preservation.  No-one really knows the answers to many of the questions we have about the human body and and science is continually changing it’s ideas.  Only  Innate Intelligence knows for sure what is happening and why!

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