GP, Physiotherapist Or Chiropractor?

by Chiropractors Brighton on January 8, 2011

Chiropractor Brighton

I am not sure where to begin. I have had problems with my back for a few years, this was exacerbated by an injury at work about two years ago, when I fell off a step ladder at work when the bottom step broke.

Over the forth coming months the pain got worse and my mobility less. I was referred to a Physiotherapist who did a little work on my back and gave me some exercises to do, this I regret to say did not really help. I tolerated the pain and limitations that were imposed on me by the constant discomfort and pain, but thing deteriorated and I was left almost immobile, and was having a lot of time off sick from work, this obviously did not go down well with my employers, my doctor prescribed pain killers which up to a point helped. I was however still unable to walk very far without being in considerable pain, to point where on occasions I would lose all feeling in my legs.

I was told various things by different professionals, ranging from buy a new bed, and is a natural due to aging. Not willing to accept these diagnosis or suggestions, so I decided to explore other avenues.

I looked on line and purely by chance saw Chiropractic Life, which was only a mile or so down the road – it was late at night so sent them an email explaining my problem and asked if they thought they may be able to help me.  I was pleasantly suprised when the following morning I received a call from them, stating that they would be able to give a free consultation to ascertain what the problem was, but they were sure that they would be able to help me. I duly made an appointment. Unfortunately I had to call at short notice to cancel the appointment due to a change in my shifts, they were very helpful and immediately made me another appointment with no cancellation fees, or making me feel that I was wasting their time.

I was a bit apprehensive on my first visit, but they made me feel at ease and welcome, whilst I was waiting to see Richard (everyone is on first name terms – which I find friendly and makes the atmosphere very relaxing) I was shown a video which explained some of the principals of Chiropractic, this I found absorbing and informative.  Richard then asked me into his consulting room and and asked a few questions – some of the questions I had never been asked before by either the physiotherapist or my GP but all were relevant to the problems I had. I felt that for the first time someone was interested in not just my back pain – but in me as an individual, his approach was holistic.After the initial consultation (which was free) he told me what he thought the problem was, and what he could do to help me, the fees were clearly explained to me, and I decided to go ahead.

I was unbelievably impressed with his thoroughness, and felt that he wanted to sort my back problems out more than I did!! Another appointment was made for the following day so he could X-Ray my spine, this I had never had done before, but that is the way they work, professionally.  With the Physiotherapist it had been at best a guess approach, and my GP had just prescribed me pain killers and told me to get more exercise(which is very difficult when you can only walk a few yards) Richard knew exactly what the problem was and showed me the X-Rays, you didn’t need to be medically trained to see the problem, several of my vertebrae, were well out of alignment, as was my pelvis and shoulders. He then explained in detail what he wanted to do to correct the problem. No high falluting mumbo jumbo , it was all in plain english. Richard asked me if I understood what he was saying and asked if I had any questions, he really put me at ease.

Since starting the treatment, I have been able to take my dog for a walk, have no time off sick due to back pain, and am able to carry out daily tasks that before I would not have been able to. I still get pain and am not yet fully mobile – but after each session I feel better, many of my friends, and indeed even my boss has commented on how much better I am walking now. I have not had to rely on pain killers for quite a while, and will continue to see Richard on a long term basis, not only to correct my problems , but to make sure they do not re-occur.

I cannot praise the whole team enough, they are excellent A++.     Chris

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