Where Is All the Love in Hove & Brighton?

by Chiropractors Brighton on March 1, 2010

Most Loved Chiropractic Clinic in UK

Most Loved Chiropractic Clinic in UK

It is now official!

Chiropractic Life is the most loved small business in Brighton and Hove and Most Loved Chiropractic Clinic In the Whole of The UK as voted by local people and  BestOf websites.

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According to a massive nationwide search run by TheBestOf to find the best local shops and companies in towns and cities across the whole of the UK, Chiropractic Life was voted Most Loved.
Chiropractic Life was also voted Most Loved Chiropractic clinic in the WHOLE of the UK!

Now that’s something!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We want to thank all our loyal practice members for their wonderful testimonials collected over a two week period. It is heartwarming and encouraging to know people love to visit our practice.

Enjoy the testimonials below: -

It is a pleasure to come to Chiropractic Life every month to recharge my battery to get the best wellbeing treatment to set me up for another good month.   Connie M

Best treatment- best value- best atmosphere. Nick K

I have been very impressed by the combination of professionalism with genuinely compassionate and responsive client care. It would be very hard to match the service of such a dedicated, family-run business with a strong, principled vision of holistic health care. I knew this practice was special when every member of staff remembered my name after my first consultation. They make me feel less like a walking revenue stream and more like a human being, which many other businesses fail to do.  Taylor D

If you need years of experienced, detailed personal care, warmth and support-Chiropractic Life is the place to go.   Kirsty M

Friendly professional practice providing good service and advice. Made a whole difference to my life.   Lorraine P

Changed my life, have recommended friends and will continue to spread the great news. 10/10!   Helen B

By far the best welcome and service in Hove. Derek C

Very good helps me sleep (baby).   Victor R

Brilliant, very experienced.  James R

Fantastic service.   Anna R

Always a great welcome! After 10 years of chronic back problems, mine has never been better-thanks to Richard. David O’Neil

Very friendly and caring, helped me out a lot!   Damon P

Would recommend to everyone! Amazing results and fantastic care.    Julia O

They give a very good personal service and always very helpful.   Pat F

Friendly and helpful. Family orientated, excellent service. Nicky F

Has improved my condition beyond belief.   Eva-Lisa C

Every session I have received an extremely kind service and they have been like that since my first appointment.   Thania L

Everyone is friendly and helpful and treatments have made my comfort a lot better.   Wendy R

A great improvement in my posture and aches and pains have gone. Reallygreat.   Mick P

Good feeling coming here.   Bessie G

Good at what they do and friendly and open-hearted.   Mark R

Friendly, helpful people, great results. Whole family visit.   Trevor G

Very friendly staff, always accommodating and reliable.  Russell G

Fab team-great treatment-best place to visit.  Jacqui P

Professional skill, tailored to my needs, delivered with personal care and concern. I’m important.  Graham S

Excellent and friendly service.  Colin W

I would recommend to everybody to try at least once before saying no.   Malti

It works!   R.W. Bello

For quality of life visit our STARS at Chiropractic Life, you will always be grateful, but more importantly healthy. Pat O

Friendly and caring family run business.   Mary T

Very caring and friendly, listen to what people say, effective treatment.   Ann B

Always excellent service from everyone at the practice.    Sara T

Life would be more painful without them.    Nigel K

Excellent care, would recommend.   Amanda W

Friendly, helpful, make you feel at ease.    Steve S

Always made to feel welcome, great progress with my treatment.   David M

I found everyone really friendly and clearly explained things to me.   Annabella B

Best place I found! Couldn’t do what I do today without them.   Lesley S.

Very friendly service and excellent care. Very happy customer.   Sam T

A star on Portland Road.   Rachel S

So beneficial and a great support.    R.E. Abbott

This practice has made such a difference to my lifestyle. I am so glad to be part of it.   Ruth B

This is a very caring business with friendly staff.  Flexible to customer needs.   Heather B

Friendly staff and great service and treatment provided.   Louisa C

Highly satisfied with everything they have done for me.  Jill S

I spent a year not being able to work, I came to Chiropractic Life and was back at work in 2 months. Samantha C

Chiropractic Life is amazing. Ever since we started going there 2 and 1/2 years ago, their service has been excellent and we are always made to feel welcome. Sarah R

Fabulous welcome, skilful, warm holistic approach-don’t miss it.   Andy B

Very friendly, caring and experienced chiropractor.    Charlotte G

First class service and results. Highly recommended.   Darran H

Gentle, courteous and effective, a great relief for body and soul.    Zam W

I’m a fan because they have really helped me with my shoulder and everyone is so lovely.   Kristy W

Brilliant professional treatment, embracing total healthy lifestyle. Valerie C

They are the best in the county.  Michael M

An oasis of healing!   David C

They provide the best chiropractic care in the UK-with no doubt!! Friendly and helpful, just brilliant.   Phil N

Friendly, informative, supportive-the best chiropractic clinic I have visited.  Carla N

I’m a regular visitor from Chichester.  Rebecca S

I’m a fan.   Matt S

Fantastic, friendly. Have changed my life for the better. Thank-you.  Tania B

They have helped me so much I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Jill C

My neck pain is better and no more headaches. Great service and such lovely people.  Louise L

Good customer service.  Sara W

For the best chiropractic service in the country!  Davina P

Excellent service and have changed my life with my back!   Johnny J

I’ve visited Chiropractic Life for several years-superb treatment and understanding of issues.  Paul B

Friendly, helpful and fantastic chiropractors ever!  Tina M

I’m a fan.   Andy M

Good service.   Seth W

It really helped and sorted me out.   Matthew L

Great for newborns-helps with sleeping.    Benjamin T

Very good, my back has really improved.    Mike M

I cannot fault the service I have had.  J.Higgs

Visit and feel better-you won’t regret it.  Bev S

Good customer service.  Tim H

Really life-changing! Friendly staff, very knowledgable, great results.  Nina H

Relief from back pain and headachesHugh R

They are friendly, helpful and have sorted my health completely.  Jesi L

One of the best services Brighton and Hove has to offer. Excellent customer service and they care deeply about their clients.   Adrian M

Warm welcome, comfortable atmosphere and a fantastic treatment- the best yet!   A.Lindup

Highly recommend. Best for self wellbeing. Any aches & pains can be sorted. Muscles, bone with adjustment and alignment. Best form of treatment-feel the difference.   Sandra G

Chiropractic Life is a very reliable and friendly organisation.  Guy A

I’m a fan.  Tom S

Always extremely helpful and my back problems have improved tremendously since I have been coming.   J.Flowers

Fantastic service from friendly, caring people. Made a big difference to my health and wellbeing.  Neil O

Always a warm welcome, wonderful friendly business.   Steve R

A fantastic and friendly service, I am a big fan.   Ben P

Always friendly and really interested and care about patients.   Jean C

Always ready to help and heal. If any pain, drop in and feel better.    Henrik H

Very nice people and service, I have never felt better! Clare C

Highly recommend. Would recommend to all.   Karen N

A really welcoming and friendly approach to health problems.    M.Herriott

Comfortable and friendly, make me feel at home-like family.   Angela T

Great people-good atmosphere.   Michael T

Chiropractic Life is a great chiropractic clinic and I highly recommend it. Emily C

They are very good at their job, very friendly and always book urgent appointments when needed.  Debbie S

A really welcoming place, who do amazing work to help me.  Victoria G

Very good staff- kind and helpful.  K.Phillips

Warm atmosphere, welcoming environment, friendly faces.  Liz C

Highly recommended!  Simon R

They are very nice people, they listen to you.  Sonya P

After years of stiff necks and shoulders, I look forward to my sessions every month, for ongoing relief and comfort.  Cindy T

Just being there helps me to feel better about myself.  Stefan W

You have to go there to find out they are the best.  Carol R

A fabulous, caring practice that turns pain into happiness!  Neil H

Improvement in your life with care and skill and a personal touch, see the benefits, highly recommend Chiropractic Life. Patricia H

As a tradesman I rely on my back to earn a living. Chiropractic Life made work possible again, following a back injury. Paul M

Been at this for 8 years and without it I would be in really bad shape. Bryan B

Really friendly staff, would highly recommend.  Thomas B

My back is a lot better-thanks a lot.  Mark B

I always feel terrific after my care and the staff are all saints!  Llewelyn M

Helpful, friendly, staff. Always try to please.  Matt H

Friendly, professional service, clean environment and always helpful. Cindy C

Always a warm welcome! Truly professional and a pleasure to know.  Leonie L

My back is feeling so much better, I can now look forward to weekend lie-ins without chronic pain!  Rick C

All the staff- friendly, caring and helpful : great atmosphere!  Julia S

If you ever had a back pain or whiplash then you really deserve the best remedy and treatment with excellent staff, then visit Chiropractic Life.
Cath H

Recommend Helen Martin and excellent, friendly service.  L. Warburton

Professional, friendly, welcoming and brilliant. I can recommend the practice.  Liz M

Very professional service – lovely surroundings, very accommodating.  Virginie V

Good atmosphere – professional approach.  Steve R

Very friendly staff.  Ingrid O

Very efficient and helpful both mentally and physicallyHazel C

Highly recommended.  Steve R

Richard keeps me moving and active.  A.R.

Chiropractic Life has always been supportive , loyal and extremely friendly.  Jose H

If you have any back or related pain you must see these people first!   J. Jenkins

Friendly, brilliant completely sort (or straighten) me out!  Tom D

I most sincerely recommend Chiropractic Life as a STAR!   Valerie S

Chiropractic Life has been very helpful when I injured my back. I continue to come back to stay healthy and feel very comfortable and find them very friendly.  Samantha H

For relief from back problems.   Nina C

I always get very good treatment and the best service.    Tom P

Personal touch and great results.   Adele T

They identified the problem and sorted me out! A very good experience. Graham M

Its a great clinic and there are life changing people here. Claise M

Excellent knowledge and care shown by all and an extremely friendly team.  Alex O

Very good, relaxing treatment.  J.R. Hinton

Great treatment with recurrent problem. Always service with a smile!   Theresa R

My aches and pains disappear after a consultation, a great relaxing and enjoyable experience.   Brian R

Great adjustments, friendly, supportive and caring.    Carolyn M

I like the staff because they make me feel welcome. Ella H

The best chiropractic practice I have encountered. Louis L

The best treatment – the best people – the best feeling – just wonderful! Ann W

Very special service, welcoming, professional and effective.  Jane L

They cured my back after two sessions when I fell from my swing. Amelia L

Very holistic – more than just back care. Alison H

It’s a very friendly environment. A lovely place to be!    Holly H

I like my treatment. It’s a friendly place.   Jake H

I have found that the care and attitude is at the highest quality to the elderly. Adelaide L

Very friendly when you arrive you feel you’re stepping into your own home.  Adam S

The hospital signed my husband off physio but he had limited movement. Helen has given him a fully working arm and shoulder again. I recommend you try it.  Rose L

A very relaxed and friendly clinic. They have certainly made a difference to my life being pain-free.   Gillian A

I’ve been coming to Chiropractic Life for over three years and have had a definite  improvement!   Robin W

All the chiropractors are very lovely and I always come out very relaxed. Ellen E

I would like to say how much I have benefited from my visits. Pauline H

They are so friendly and helpful, I look forward to my visits.  Sam E

Fantastic friendly service – which can be so rare nowadays.   K.Edwards

Always feel better after an adjustment.   Sonja P

Chiropractic Life- for a caring professional service.   Mike B

All at Chiropractic Life are passionate about what they do and are so friendly and helpful.   Janet B

A family run business, at the heart of the community – offering care.  N.Alldis

I can’t recommend Chiropractic Life highly enough – friendly, efficient knowledgeable. Go and visit there soon!   Lucy O

Five star service. B.Buczkowski

I come once a month now, and can’t praise CL enough!   Abi H

Very professional, friendly. Recommend to everyone – 5 star.   Jacquelyn W

Helping to relieve back pain.   Dougal A

Tender care, with good results.  Penny G

My back does not bother me now and that is totally down to the care I have received .   Liz M

No longer suffer back or neck problems due to superb care.  Jason M

Absolutely wonderful.  Glenda T

Has made me more flexible & more mobile and pain-free.  Anthea M

Great standards, professional, excellent customer service.  Dean M

Excellent care- always sorts out the problem.  Louise J

Try it  – it really works wonders! Chiropractic Life is wonderful.   Heather M

Relaxing, welcoming and without them I would be in pain each month.   Abi M

Five star service. N. Lesley

A feel good factor as soon as you enter the door. Very professional and friendly.  Gillian B

I highly recommend Chiropractic Life for their brilliant service and welcoming atmosphere. Jack B

To get a good healthy feeling. Ken P

Excellent service and the friendliest place in the city. Derek R

A simply wonderful, caring and conscientious practice in the heart of Hove, East Sussex. Julian B

Friendly, professional and first class in all respects. Barry B

It is so reassuring to be served by a family run business and good value for money. Philippa M

An oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle of the city. Michael T

A very thorough and professional service. Very happy. Stella W

I’m a fan. James R

The warmth I get from the clinic solves all my problems. Sylvia W

Smiling, friendly and nothing hurts anymore. Sue P

Excellent care- always warm and welcoming. Claire H

Such a friendly, warm practice, who are dedicated to your wellbeing.  Michelle S

Always very welcoming and healing. Thank-you for your care.    Niki H

I love Chiropractic Life because I not only get my spine realigned but I receive  tips/hints for health/wellbeing. Joanne D

Very good treatments when suffering back problems. Always very helpful and supportive.    Gail K

Really sorted out my whiplash injury and spine-fantastic! Geoff S

They help my pain and posture and my ability to put on my own socks! Thank-you.  Lesley D

A brilliant practice has helped my back no end. Friendly and polite.  David C

I’m a fan of Chiropractic Life as I always feel tons better after my appointments. Charlotte D

I would highly recommend, everyone is so friendly and helpful!    Clare P

A warm and welcoming practice where the chiropractors are helpful and friendly as well as being professionally very skilled. Veronica M

A very friendly and genuinely caring practice.  Nick L

Since coming here I have felt wonderful and welcomed by caring professional staff.  Melanie G

Dr Richard McMinnChiropractors Brighton

Dr Helen Martin - Chiropractors Brighton

Dr Glenn FredericksenChiropractors Brighton

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