What Is Wellness?

by Chiropractors Brighton on October 3, 2009

health-planTo be fully you, takes a conscious effort. We need to plan now to make better health decisions for life. Making investments in our health now, will pay dividends later on! This type of thinking seems to escape us when we are young, when we feel well. There always seems to be some other priority and our future health does not reach the top of the list of “must haves”.

It all boils down to how much we value our health – this alone will determine how much investment we decide to make in it for now and in the future. People discuss how much they are putting aside for their pension to do the things they love but often health fails and people never reach that pot of gold (health in old age) at the end of the rainbow.

In 1958, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as, “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Those of us who practice non-traditional health care would take it one step further and define “wellness” as the balance of mind, body and soul, not merely the absence of disease. Given these two definitions, where do you stand in terms of wellness? Are you balanced in these three areas? Are you living up to your true potential, optimized in every area of your life to be the best “you”? Very few of us can answer these questions with a resounding, “Yes,” but it’s never too late to start to embrace the lifestyle and behaviours of someone who is striving for wellness in their lives.

Consider the following road map to health:

  • Eat right – Fast foods, sugar, soft drinks and chips just don’t cut it in a wellness model. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, low fat lean meats, whole grains – these are the types of food that promote healthy eating habits. Watch alcohol intake as this can certainly become an unhealthy element in today’s stressful times.
  • Exercise right – Regular exercise promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, increases your metabolism to burn calories, prevents unhealthy weight gain, builds strong bones, muscles, joints and ligaments and boosts your immune system. The combination of proper nutrition and exercise goes a long way in helping to avoid obesity, which is reaching epidemic levels worldwide. Your regular Chiropractic Care is part of the regular exercise program – this is needed now more than every before in history because of the sedentary type of lifestyle we lead.
  • Sleep right – Burning the midnight oil, working to excess, sleeping “on the run,” working second and third shifts – these do not lend themselves to proper sleeping habits. Your body needs sleep to shut down and recharge. The average adult needs 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night to restore the body so it can function optimally the next day.
  • Live right – Be kind and compassionate to others, develop a strong set of moral principles and live by them, regardless of what others do, discover your life’s purpose through prayer and meditation, live as if each day were your last, connect with others and the universe, nurture your spirituality/religion through reading, attendance at religious services, helping others who are less fortunate.

You only have one body and it’s never too late to get on track to true wellness. It is only in this state that you can reach your true potential. Remember the movie, The Bucket List? What’s on your list and how will you get there?

Please remember that chiropractic care helps to optimize the potential of your nervous system. Since we live our lives through our nervous system, ridding yourself of negative interference that keeps you from reaching your full potential is a necessary step on the road to wellness.

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