What Does A Chiropractor Do?

by Chiropractors Brighton on September 11, 2010

At first glance, this cartoon may appear amusing, (sourced from United Chiropractor’s Association) however, it does highlight the fact that there are a lot of  people who know little about chiropractic and what a chiropractor does in general, not only that they do not necessarily come from Cairo!!  It is only since 2001 that Chiropractors have had a regulatory body here in the UK, most surprising, due to the fact that there was one in Western Australia where we were living, since 1964!  This is not to be confused with Chiropractic Associations as it is not a requirement that a Chiropractor belong to any particular association, however it is a requirement that for someone to call themselves a chiropractor they must be registered with the General Chiropractic Council (the governing body), as in the General Medical Council etc.

The New York City orthopedist Dr. La Forest Potter declared -  “After practicing medicine fifteen years and spinal adjustment nearly ten, I am daily astonished at the power of spinal adjustments as a cure for disease.”

Although Dr La Forest Potter enthusiastically talked about Chiropractic as a cure for disease, Chiropractors never refer to Chiropractic as a cure for anything!  Chiropractors acknowledge that by removing interferences to the master control system of the body (your nervous system), it is able to heal itself naturally- so you become your own doctor!

So for anyone wondering what a Chiropractor does – Chiropractors are spinal nerve specialists who remove nerve interferences – this is known as getting “to the root of the cause” – (President Obama quoted this recently).  This has enabled Dr Richard McMinn and his wife Karen to have five children all born at home who have never been to a medical doctor.  They have had regular Chiropractic checkups since the day they were born and now their ages total 130 years and still no medicine, drugs or surgery!  Removing nerve interference allows the power of the body to do it’s own work of self healing.

It’s the life force in your body that heals – Chiropractic just allows that process to take place!

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