What Are We Feeding Our Children?

by Chiropractors Brighton on September 14, 2010

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Recently the Guardian wrote an article about a very British obsession which was very alarming, especially in view of the rising obesity rates in children.  As a nation the British consume “tonnes” of crisps per year, all loaded in unhealthy oils and topped up with unhealthy salts.  Crisps are cooked in batches of oil at high temperatures- delicious maybe, but unfortunately oils become unstable when heated to high temperatures. Jamie Oliver has had a very active public campaign intended to raise awareness of the need for healthier school lunches for our children , and crisps may seem harmless enough and of course the occasional packet is not a problem, but crisps seem to have replaced good nutritional food in children’s lunch boxes over the last few years.

Walkers, is the largest crisp factory in the world producing ten million packets of crisps per day.  There are seven plants in total in the United Kingdom.   Just one plant processes 800 tonnes of potatoes a day along it’s six 200 metre long production lines, each of which turns out three tonnes of crisps an hour!!!!

The guardian reported:

“Four years ago, the British Heart Foundation famously warned that half of all British children were, in effect, drinking five litres of cooking oil a year by virtue of their packet-a-day habit (crisps are a staple in 69% of lunchboxes). More alarmingly, nearly a fifth of British children apparently eat two packets a day. Soaring rates of obesity and Type 2 diabetes were, the foundation warned, the consequences.

The crisp manufacturers complained of unfairness, inaccuracy and exaggeration, and the Savoury Snack Information Bureau – among other things, an active and effective rebuttal service founded to “ensure balanced reporting on the nutritional aspects of savoury snacks in the UK – swung into action. But the industry was stung, and has responded. “It’s fair to say awareness has moved on,” says Victoria Taylor, a senior dietician at the foundation.”

Similar information can also be found on the Bupa website

Enjoying a bag of crisps need not be a sin, however regular consumption of them needs to be questioned not only because of the oils and salts, but because by eating them the appetite is satiated  (at least for a while) and prevents the child (or adult) from eating a healthier alternative! Perhaps what is also forgotten when consuming crisps is that potato converts to sugar in the blood causing energy spikes and slumps as there is little to sustain it.

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