Wendy And Her Chiropractic Journey

by Chiropractors Brighton on April 2, 2009

dsc03048My name is Wendy Redwood and my problem began seven years ago. I suddenly got a very sharp pain behind my eye which lasted for the duration of the evening but as it was gone the next day after sleeping I thought no more about it. Over the next couple of years this reoccurred on an infrequent basis and as there were breaks of several months between episodes I continued to ignore it, although I did notice that it was slowly increasing in intensity of pain, frequency and duration. By the time that it had been going on for about four years I knew I should see the doctor as it was now occurring every couple of months and lasting for about two days at a time. When the pain was bad it meant I could not watch TV, read or concentrate and all I would want to do was try to sleep – which was becoming impossible.

My GP suggested a neck problem and referred me for physiotherapy. This proved ineffectual and I was sent back to the doctor who suggested it was probably to do with my sinuses. He prescribed a steroid nasal spray which did help to manage the symptoms but did not actually remove any of them. It did make the pain bearable. Over the next year the pain continued to develop and by two years ago I was regularly having 3 – 5 days pain every single month and eating pain killers like sweets. It was now not only behind my eye but into my ear, the top of my head and starting from a very localised point at the back of my skull. It was never a headache it was a very definite pain in my head, and I was by this time thinking the worst and wondering if I had a brain tumour developing, so was forced to ask the GP to investigate more. He still suspected sinus trouble and referred me to a hospital consultant. He looked up my sinus with a camera and declared there was no problem but suspected neurological pain, prescribed a strong neurological pain blocking drug and referred me to a consultant neurologist.

Whilst taking the drug I noticed that I was losing concentration, unable to recall names I knew well, and began to wonder if I did indeed have a brain tumour with the advancement of these symptoms, although the drug seemed totally ineffectual against the pain. The neurologist gave me a thorough examination and sent me for a CT scan. I felt relieved by this as it would show if there was a tumour developing. The scan showed nothing for which I was grateful. The neurologist signed me off but I was no nearer having a solution. I went back to the GP who suggested I try and pinpoint what set the episodes off and stop doing it. I stopped the neurological pain blocker as it was proving useless and was relieved to find that my memory returned to normal. Clearly it affected my brain but did little else. There seemed no solution to pain which had become totally debilitating, and at one point it was so bad whilst |I was trying to shop that I sat on the floor by the freezer in Sainsbury’s and burst into tears. I felt so foolish!

A friend had seen Dr Helen Martin at Chiropractic Life and found treatment helpful. I was highly sceptical but prepared to try anything as there seemed no more medical help available. X-rays revealed the bones in my neck were out of line to one side and my neck was three times more forward than it should be. This put pressure on the nerves to my inner ear, eye, head, sinus etc and for the first time some-one seemed to connect all the symptoms, which had never been the case before. It also revealed lower back pain I had been experiencing for years, but put down to having produced four children was connected! I began treatment at the beginning of January. It is now April and I have gone from three – five days pain every month to only experiencing pain when I do things that put pressure on my neck in a bad way. I have had four pain episodes since the beginning of the year but only for a morning or a day rather than three to five days in a block. I am free of all medication including the nasal spray, and the lower back pain! Things are improving all the time. It’s lovely to have been out of pain for four months. I will be a regular now. Thanks Helen for finding what’s causing it and stopping it!

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