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by Chiropractors Brighton on December 4, 2009

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Chiropractors are Spinal Health Care Specialists and are consulted every day for back pain of all kinds, both chronic (long standing) and acute (short term). Chiropractic is the trusted source for Back Pain Guidelines. Pain is one of our body’s natural reactions that inform us that something is not right. Just like the fire alarm lets us know that there is smoke and there could be a fire, pain tells us that there is something that needs attention. Too often people choose a pain killing solution by taking a drug which is akin to taking a gun and shooting your fire alarm to bits, to stop it from making a noise!

Therefore, pain has a purpose and the purpose is to draw your attention to something in your life that is not working. Back pain is not always a result of an injury. Often back pain can be the result of emotional distress. Your job may even be causing that pain in your back and it doesn’t have to be a job that involves a lot of physical labour, such as heavy lifting or bending. In fact, chronic back pain and constant back pain, sudden lower back pain, back and groin pain, back and leg pain and back pain spasms are far more often related to psychological, rather than physical causes. Stress in the work place and stress in relationships can also produce lower back pain symptoms (lumbar pain) but of course there are many other causes of back pain including pregnancy, sporting injuries, work place accidents, motor vehicle accidents, birthing injury (undetected), childhood falls etc. Our Chiropractors help you identify the cause, and are equipped to deal with the correction.  Most people who seek our help are looking for a back pain cure often referred to by lay people as a slipped disc.

Chronic back pain is the major health problem in the workplace today. Consider the following:

  • The leading cause of disability in workers aged 19 – 45 is low back pain
  • Billions of dollars are spent each year because of back pain symptoms
  • Eight out of 10 people will experience low back pain in their lifetime
  • Low back pain is most likely to occur between the ages of 30 and 50

Studies have found that many people have feelings of anxiety or depression prior to experiencing low back pain. Other psychological work-related factors, such as job dissatisfaction, problems with other staff, boredom and stress all have an impact on the way the body responds to the everyday demands of the workplace. There are many ways back pain can be associated with other parts of the body, like back and hip pain, upper back and neck pain, chronic lower back pain, back and leg pain, back and shoulder pain, lower back and abdominal pain, sciatica back pain, back and muscle pain, burning back pain, there may also be right side back pain, left side back pain, – what ever the cause and wherever the problem is felt, we know you are looking for back pain relief. Further information is available on back pain, trapped nerves and back pain surgery by clicking here. Chiropractors offer natural solutions for back pain.

Different people feel pain in different ways often depending where the interference is that is causing the pain. Back pain symptoms and severe back pain may even immobilise you temporarily.

Back pain is the result of stress on the nerves around the affected area. This may be felt as an electric shock, burning pain or stabbing pain. Sometimes it may even be felt as a crawling pain, or even as chill to the bone.

We investigate the cause of your back pain. If you or someone you know is looking for a diagnosis for their back pain or experiencing the debilitating effects of back pain, call our office to schedule a FREE consultation 01273 208188. Read our testimonials. We have many satisfied patients. Chiropractors are Back Pain Specialists and are the East Sussex Back Pain Clinic of choice. We discuss back pain management with you and make recommendations. Our Chiropractors are trained to help you manage your back pain and give you the back pain exercises you need. Ours is an individual approach. We help you find the back pain solution that you need. We look forward to helping you. We are a specialist Back Pain Centre in Hove and Brighton, East Sussex and will happily provide all the back pain advice you need.

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