Vaccination Is Not Immunization!

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 6, 2010

What you’ll see when you peek behind the curtain of the multi-billion dollar drug and vaccine cartels should scare the life out of you. . .because your child is being put in harm’s way more than you are being told.

New Book:Vaccination is Not Immunization- message from the author – Dr Tim O’Shea

Dear Concerned Parent,

Do you have doubts whether vaccines can really protect your child from illness or disease?  Do you worry that your child could become autistic, or develop asthma, allergies, or even a fatal childhood disease?

Well then, what you’re about to read may come as a shock.  It did for me when I first began to research vaccines and their effect on the body over a decade ago.  Hundreds of hours of digging into the medical literature and checking the facts compelled me to speak out.

Much of what I discovered was in conflict with the way most of us are taught to care for our children.  Let’s face it — most parents agree to have their newborn child vaccinated and believe it is the right thing to do.  That child goes on to receive numerous vaccinations year after year up through their teens.  All the while you, the parent, continue to think you’re doing the right thing.

Well. . .as it turns out, it can be a huge mistake. Read More…

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