Tormented By All Those Delicious Easter Treats?

by Chiropractors Brighton on April 2, 2010

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Is This Healthy Chocolate, Mum?

Traditionally Easter is a time of renewal, new birth and new opportunity and with the advance of Spring it is the perfect time to consider what and how we eat.

One of the ways which may help  to resist all the unhealthy options available at Easter is to seriously consider just how gorgeous you will look and feel when you choose a healthy alternative.  Rather than think how delicious these treats are, view them as poison to your body, as of course they are.  View our Ridiculously Simple Steps To Transform Your Health (and Life) – Step Twenty, where we discuss sugar as “granulated toxin”.  Unfortunately the alternatives that are commonly used in food production are just as unhealthy, perhaps even more so.

Artificial sweeteners, also known as Nutra-Sweet, Equal and Aspartame are regarded by many as extremely dangerous to your health.  Loss of energy, mood swings, memory loss and many other serious side effects have been associated with consumption of aspartame – and it is fed to our children!!

Interestingly, people choose artificial sweeteners often to lose weight or prevent weight gain but studies have shown that these artificial sweeteners may actually cause you to eat more!  This of course defeats the purpose of wanting to consume diet products in the first instance.  Apparently these sweeteners inhibit the production of serotonin in our brain which gives us the sense of feeling full, so it actually leads to overeating!!  Crazy!!

Before you get too despondent this Easter, all is not lost. There is a natural, sugar-free herb that you can use called stevia.  Stevia has been used as a sweetener in South America for hundreds of years.  It is available (like a sugar substitute) from good health food stores but recently I had the pleasure of trying it fresh straight from the plant.  It really is very sweet much more so than sugar, so very little is required.  The plant appears somewhat like a regular mint plant.

So this Easter combine some good healthy dark chocolate and stevia and you have the perfect Easter Treat.  Choose organic dark chocolate with 70 % cocoa and make sure that it is not full of any of the abovementioned sweeteners.  Dark bittersweet chocolate is high in saturated fat which means that you shouldn´t eat too much of it.   I think that the biggest health benefit of organic dark chocolate is that you can indulge yourself in something delightful without feeling guilty.

Happy Easter Everyone from your Chiropractors at Chiropractic Life.

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yoda April 2, 2010 at 7:23 pm

I use SweetLeaf brand of stevia and recommend it to anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle!

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