Thoughts About Chiropractic By Louis – Aged Six

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 18, 2009


Louis' Story

Date June 2nd

Me and Mum went to the chiropractor and when we got there we had to wait in the waiting room – then he (Dr McMinn) called Louis and we came there and we had to lay on the couch.  He did something good to make me better. He had a clicky thing that made me better.

Footnote from Jane (Louis’ Mum)
Chiropractic care has been such a useful tool for maintaining my active (and physical!) six year old son’s wellbeing. As he is a particularly boisterous boy who is always finding himself in “scrapes”. I have the ongoing comfort of knowing that Louis will receive the kind of care that will maintain his active lifestyle! Richard and his “clicky thing” are important to both of us.

PS from Chiropractic Life
The clicky thing is an Activator. To understand the activator technique please click here

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