The Power Of Unconscious Thought!

by Chiropractors Brighton on July 12, 2010

What Are you Thinking?

Cutting-edge science has proven that YOU are the master of your own health.  How empowering is that!

An interesting study was done on hotel maids by Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer. Eighty eight maids were divided into two groups. One group was educated on how much exercise they got when they climbed stairs, made beds and went about their job. The other group was the control group and was told nothing.

By simply telling forty four of the maids that what they did each day involved some serious exercise, Langer was apparently able to lower the women’s blood pressure, shave pounds off their bodies and improve their body-fat and “waist to hip” ratios. Their bodies were doing the same work. Their minds had been simply made to think of it as “exercise”.

Apparently our mind/body responds to images and stimuli whether it is “real” or not and that’s where the value of visualisation comes in and the importance of keeping positive pictures in our minds – especially of our health, but unfortunately most people think sickness, rather than health.  Even if you are healthy, your body can become diseased simply through the inappropriate unconscious control of your mind/emotions.

But with healthy belief systems, you can use your conscious mind to create a life of health, happiness and love and avoid unnecessary drugs and medical interventions.

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