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Brighton and Hove Chiropractic Convert

April 21, 2009
Brighton Chiropractic Success Story

When my friend Gill recommended I went to see Richard for my chronic arthritic aches and pains, I didn’t know what a chiropractor was or did. I am now a total convert. In his initial assessment Richard took the trouble to take x-rays and was able to tell me much to my relief that I [...]

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Life Changed Through Chiropractic!

April 15, 2009
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In July 2007 I was fit and active as any 22 year old should be, and then I had an accident and injured my back. During the good days I could hardly walk with help (it was frustrating how slow I was), and on the bad days I was bed bound. I had pain aching [...]

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A Wise Woman’s Advice

February 10, 2009

Advice from a young 90 year old lady under Chiropractic care for 75 years. “Go to your chiropractor regularly and don’t take no medicine.” [sic]

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