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Chiropractic Extravaganza Majorca

May 22, 2009

Richard and I have just returned from the ChiropracTic May Extravaganza in PortoPetro in Majorca where we met and listened to some of the worlds most enthusiastic ChiropracTic educators. There are two branches of Chiropractic – the first is generally the one most people think of when they think of Chiropractic which is for pain [...]

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Elinor On The Front Desk

April 14, 2009
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Since starting at Chiropractic Life, I often get asked whether I also receive care at the clinic.  This is a bonus of working here!  In truth, I knew little about Chiropractic before I started here.  Obviously I see on a daily basis the benefits of regular adjustments and I, although not in pain, was incredibly [...]

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What’s The Big Idea?

February 13, 2009

Some of us already knew about it when we arrived at chiropractic college. Those who didn’t, quickly did. After all, it’s the very foundation of chiropractic. What is it? It’s the “Big Idea.” To appreciate the big idea, consider a couple of the smaller ideas. Pain relievers are a small idea. Sure, if you have [...]

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Chiropractic & SOS

February 6, 2009

On Wednesday 4th February, Dr Richard McMinn was interviewed briefly about Chiropractic on BBC Southern Counties Radio in conjunction with the Starting Over Show, the first ever UK divorce fair being organised by Suzy Miller which is on Sunday 15 March Brighton at the Old Ship Hotel. Useful Information Honest Communication Personal Transformation We will [...]

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