Symptoms Are Your Body’s Cries For Help!

by Chiropractors Brighton on May 12, 2010

Are You Listening To Your Body

What do we do if an indoor plant looks sick?   Of course we consider what is lacking!  First we check to see if it is sufficiently hydrated, then we consider if it is getting enough light or perhaps it needs some plant food.  If it is leaning to one side we stake it and give it some tender loving care – why then when the body is sick do people suppress their symptoms with drugs?  Doesn’t it make sense to consider our bodies in the same way that we consider our indoor plants??  To consider if all the needs of the body are being met, if it is getting the correct nutrition, enough exercise, if the body has proper alignment, if we have healthy thinking?

Unfortunately our society has become used to thinking that our health is fixed from the “outside” rather than from “within”! We have become untrained in regard to listening to our body. We have come to rely so heavily on prescriptions and over the counter medications to “fix us” and we are often in such a rush to alleviate symptoms, we rarely stop to consider what our body may be trying to tell us. If we have a cold we take an antihistamine, if we have a headache we take panadol, if we have back pain we take an anti-inflammatory.

Drugs do not heal.  Drugs suppress symptoms!  Drugs can help to make us more comfortable until we can get real help for our body and of course that’s a good thing, but the drugs themselves do not allow our body to heal, although they can certainly keep people alive and prolong life – not always a good thing either!  Sometimes the symptoms will be alleviated – we call this “masking” because the actual problem that caused the symptoms in the first place has not been attended to.  What would happen if your indoor plant needed more light??  Would we give it a shot of something?  I don’t think so, we would move it to a more suitable position where it could get the light it needs.  We would change it’s environment!  Our environment –  Eating Well, Moving Well, Thinking Well are crucial to our health.

Symptoms are messages from our bodies telling us that we need to make some adjustments to the way in which we are thinking, moving (or not moving) or eating – or some aspect of our lifestyle which is not supporting us.  This is our personal responsibility and health comes no other way.

Traditional medicine looks to suppress symptoms – blood pressure tablets are taken to lower blood pressure.  Of course it is dangerous to have high blood pressure but by lowering blood pressure artificially it causes the body to have to work even harder.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to consider what is the cause of the blood pressure – is the patient eating well, moving well (or moving at all) and thinking well – these things influence our health more than we can imagine.  The new science of epigenetics has proven now that without doubt that we can influence our body’s health up to 99% by these factors –eating well, moving well and thinking well.  Just 1% of our health is genetically determined!  So………….we are in control of our health by the choices we make.

Listening to our body has become a lost art because as soon as a symptom appears people have been conditioned to seek medical help – using some kind of drug to suppress the symptom.  Symptoms are the body’s warning signals, trying to tell us something that we are eating, doing or thinking is not serving us and that we need to change something – in short, we need to really listen to our body.  When we hear a train signal we know that a train is approaching and we make sure we are not on the rail tracks – without this warning signal many lives would be lost.  Our body’s warning signals are no different and we need to really listen to them!

Traditional medical care talks about symptoms as though they are a bad thing. What if our symptoms were a gift, instead – containing vital information for us to use to help our bodies naturally?  Symptoms are indeed gifts – messages to us – cries for help.  It’s what we do about them that will determine our health potential.

Conventional medical care is aimed at suppressing, negating and destroying our symptoms so that we cannot hear what the body is trying to say to us – in the  same way that we might smash the dashboard of our car to remove the red light that has just informed us that we need more oil.  If we ignore that red light our car will eventually stop.  Getting rid of the body’s warning signals (by taking medication to suppress the symptoms) simply means that some time in the future the body will again try to tell us something with a LOUDER message (a worse health problem) and will  continue like this until we listen.  Unfortunately in many instances it is then too late!!

Consult a Chiropractic Life Chiropractor for all those distressing symptoms.  Remember – your spine is your lifeline and houses the body’s master control system – the Nervous System – which controls and co-ordinates virtually every other cell, tissue, muscle, gland (hormone production) and organ in your entire body.    Interferences to the nervous system may well be at the root of your problem!

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