Sylvia Goes to the Chiropractor Regularly Now

by Chiropractors Brighton on April 30, 2009

chiropractor carpal tunnelI went to a chiropractor many years ago when I had trouble with my back which he treated quite successfully with no recurrance of that particular condition.

A few months ago I had quite severe pain from my right shoulder trvelling across my neck up into the left side of my hand.  I had seen an advert for a new chiropractic clinic in Portland Road called Chiropractic Life and I read all about it.  I was particularly impressed by the fact that x-rays were taken on the first visit to pinpoint any problem straight away.   I found it very interesting to see and talk about the results.

Richard explained the problems and said he could help me and explained the approach that would be used.  I felt quite happy with that and I always go into things with an open mind and if someone says they can help, I believe them.  After all it’s their reputation that is on the line.

Everyone in reception are always cheerful which makes it easier when you are going into the unknown and I like the openness of everything, we feel like part of the family.

So I started the intensive programme which I found quite pleasant until I had to cancel one appointment because I just didnt feel like it but that was my body re-adjusting itself as it should be.  Gradually the pain in my shoulders and neck subsided and I am pain free in that area.  I have asked Richard to work on two other problems namely an arthritic knee which responded well to treatment and the start of Carpal Tunnel which again after one treatment has reduced the numbness.

I dont believe in taking painkillers because they treat the symptoms and not the cause.  I am still taking the medication my doctor recommended which are for specific areas nothing to do with the problems I came to Richard for.

I shall be a regular visitor to the Chiropractic clinic because I have faith in it and have recommend it to other people.  So hard luck Richard, you are stuck with me!

Sylvia Willard, Brighton

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