Stress And Chiropractic

by Chiropractors Brighton on December 8, 2010

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Every day we see patients in our clinic who are “stressed out” just with the very act of living.  The stress of work, project deadlines, personal conflicts and the demands on our time, often take a huge toll on our health and can cause all manner of pain and ill health, including back pain and neck pain. There is so much in our lives that causes us stress that it interferes with our nervous systems. Our lives seem to be tuned to the very last minute and any interruption becomes a major stress.  The fact of life is that occasionally things go smoothly but most often they don’t!

Irregardless of the way we respond to this stress, the function of our nervous system is involved.  Chiropractic Care helps to normalise the function of the nervous system by finding and correcting the “weak links” in the spine which is the major communication pathway of the body. This helps restore better function which can make a profound difference to our response to stress and the unique challenges which we face each day.  Obviously Chiropractic Care doesn’t remove the challenges, but we are better able to deal with them with a nervous system free of stress and tension.

Gratitude Also Helps To Reduce Stress

The simple act of taking time (maybe just five minutes) either early morning or  just before sleeping to record (write) things we are grateful for can help to reduce stress as it helps us focus on what is really important.  Try it – you may be surprised at the result!

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