Should Your Baby Be Checked By Your Chiropractor?

by Chiropractors Brighton on March 16, 2011

Dr McMinn's childen (1990). All born at home with first Chiropractic check-up within hours of being born and Chiropractic checkups all their lives until now 2011! They have never been to a doctor.

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Traumatic Birth Syndrome and Birth Trauma – they both refer to the same thing – the negative effects of today’s birthing methods on a newborn. You may think your newborn looks healthy, and your baby’s doctor might even assure you that you have a healthy baby, but what you and  your doctor may not be aware of  is insidious nerve interference!  This leads to an irritable baby and desperate parents.

Most mothers give birth lying down – if you knew the history of why this is so you may be amused!!  (see footnote) This position works contrary to the laws of gravity and reduces the size of the mother’s pelvic opening which then sets up the groundwork for interference often with some pulling and twisting that affects the infant’s delicate head, neck and spine (which is still only cartilage).  Introduce forceps or a vacuum extraction and you are creating even more trauma to the poor baby’s nervous system.  These common, everyday birth practices produce birth trauma. Some types of birth trauma can be serious, such as spinal cord and brain stem injuries, neurological defects, and sudden infant death syndrome. Less life-threatening birth trauma (but very real trauma whichever way you view it) may result in learning disabilities, inadequate immune system functioning, hearing/vision problems and very commonly, difficulty in feeding due to the baby being unable to move the neck without pain.  This often explains why a baby will refuse to breastfeed on one side!

We believe that every infant should be checked for nerve interference as soon after birth as possible. Traumatic Birth Syndrome can result in immediate life-threatening symptoms or it can weaken one’s potential over the years. To ensure your baby is on the best road possible for optimal health, be sure to arrange a newborn chiropractic exam as soon after delivery as possible.

Nerve interference causes disease that can rob your child of an active, healthy and long life. Chiropractic adjustments on children are extremely low force and equally as effective as the ones we perform on you!

Dr McMinns own five children were all born at home and had their first chiropractic adjustment within hours of being born.  We are delighted to know Daisy Birthing in Brighton (check out their facebook – Daisy Birthing Brighton & Hove) can offer you the support you need, to have a safe and gentle birth experience for both mother and baby.

Footnote:   Scholars claim that King Louis XIV  persuaded his physician to ensure his wife would give birth lying down so that he could peer from behind a curtain to watch his child being born and what was being done in royal households was copied by the general public. The Royal Household were the trend setters of the day.  Doctors of that time were also convincing women to give birth on their backs, as delivering babies from mothers lying on tables is much easier to do than, if they are squatting, standing, or on hands and knees during delivery!

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Dr. Brandon Harshe March 17, 2011 at 9:09 am

Nice blog post! All 5 of my kids have been adjusted within hours of birth too! Awesome!

Chiropractors Brighton March 17, 2011 at 9:53 am

Brilliant stuff Brandon! We could have lots to talk about when we meet someday! I did not realise that number five had arrived. Congratulations.

Dr. Brandon Harshe March 22, 2011 at 3:31 am

Thanks Karen! Yes, we need to plan a trip out your way one of these days. I look forward to meeting you and your husband soon!

Crystal - Prenatal Coach April 15, 2011 at 6:40 pm

Awesome! My husband and I are under chiropractic care. It’s an essential component to our prenatal wellness plan and we’ll also have our babies checked soon after birth too!

I’m going to share your post with my facebook friends :)

Chiropractors Brighton April 18, 2011 at 3:55 pm

You go girl!! Chiropractic Care is the very best investment you can make in your health and your babies will be off to the very best start in life. Think of how we could change the health of the world with everyone under Chiropractic Care!

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