Shattering The Myths About Chiropractic

by Chiropractors Brighton on September 23, 2010

Supreme Court Found In Favour of Chiropractors

Shattering The Myths About Chiropractic! – Brighton and Hove Chiropractors

Patients often report that their doctor has recommended that they do not visit a Chiropractor!   We are happy to report that we have affiliate medical doctors who do recommend Chiropractic Care for their patients.

We have many patients in our clinic who like Rosemary have been failed by the medical system -  told not to seek the help of a Chiropractor and often have been told that “they will have to learn to live with it”.  It seems to be very irresponsible indeed to tell someone they cannot be helped and that there is no help available.   Perhaps what should be said is that the medical system has nothing more to offer, but not to give up hope of finding some help and support.    Unfortunately there are still many people who act on the advice of their medical doctor never to visit a Chiropractor and as a result suffer for many years with ill health which may have been alleviated by seeking Chiropractic Care.

Unfortunately many medics still believe old horror stories about Chiropractic, most of which were started by the American Medical Association (AMA) several decades ago.  During that period of time many people were beginning to see the value of Chiropractic care and began to visit local Chiropractors. The medical establishment tried to eliminate what they considered “competition” and began an aggressive campaign of lies and misinformation against Chiropractors.   During the late 1970’s a group of Chiropractors sued the AMA and several other medical organisations.  They were charged with deliberately lying in order to destroy Chiropractic.  The court agreed with the Chiropractors and branded the AMA’s actions as “lawless” and unfounded!  This case was heard in the United States Supreme Court and the verdict against the AMA was upheld.

New Zealand Commission of Inquiry into the Effectiveness of Chiropractic 1978:

New Zealand has a government subsidized, cradle-to-grave medical and hospital health care system.  In 1975, a petition containing more than 94,000 signatures was presented to Parliament asking that chiropractic services be subsidized on the same basis as other health services. Thus the Royal Commission of Inquiry in New Zealand began an investiation into the value of  Chiropractic which culminated in a hearing in 1978.

The outcome of the Inquiry was that it was recommended Chiropractic be included in the public health service and as a result Chiropractic gained a greater standing and became more embedded in the established medical and state institutions.  After the Inquiry the Medical establishment re-positioned itself to allow members to refer patients to Chiropractors.  This occurred through a process of redefining Chiropractic as orthodox!  The Report  concluded that chiropractic can relieve symptoms of pain and be effective in general health maintenance, that the chiropractor is well trained in diagnostic procedures, and that his professional training is superior in manual adjusting techniques to that of all other health professionals! In the field of spinal manipulation they are the experts; no doctor has the training or experience to tell them how to diagnose a vertebral malfunction or how to manipulate it.

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