Scored A Century – And We-re Not Talking About Cricket!

by Chiropractors Brighton on July 1, 2010

Mike - Truly Amazed!!

(a ton-up achieved!)

On 24 May this year I achieved an impressive milestone in my chiropractic journey with Dr Richard McMinn – my 100th visit to his clinic! Some might say that’s an awful lot of treatments but these adjustments have occurred over many years – and now of course it’s all about regular maintenance.

My initial visit to Richard’s clinic in Burgess Hill was on 12 February 2002.  I’d been suffering from intermittent lower back pain for many years and had received treatment from various physiotherapists, osteopaths etc without any success, so I decided to give chiropractic a try.  Richard’s clinic was just down the road so I made my first appointment and, as they say, the rest is history!  The initial x-rays also identified problems in other areas of my spine, the adjustment of which Richard included in my treatment programme.  As expected after years of neglect, it took a number of visits over several weeks before I really noticed any improvement.

Richard will tell you that, like many others, I was very sceptical at the start about the probability of success and, needless to say, once I was on the road to recovery I tried to get away with fewer visits.  However, for my particular problem Richard advised monthly visits and, over the 8 years of attending his clinics, I have found that this frequency of adjustment keeps me free from pain. Also over this period I’m convinced that my general health has improved whereas at my age (70) most people seem to be going downhill rapidly!

No doubt someone reading this is already calculating the damage to my wallet of 8 years’ of treatments but, without a doubt, for me healthwise it has been a very profitable investment and has ensured that I can lead a normal life without pain – and I can swing a golf club with the best of them!

The staff at Chiropractic Life in Hove are all very friendly, efficient and extremely professional which makes my trip from Burgess Hill a very pleasant experience.  As an old stager at the game I would encourage any sufferers out there to give chiropractic a try and, if you are anywhere in the area, make sure you call Chiropractic Life to arrange your first appointment – you could be pain free and generally much healthier once you have taken this step.

Thank you Richard and Karen for the gift you gave me to celebrate my 100th visit – however, a year’s free subscription would have been good, but I suppose that’s business for you!

Mike Bowles

Note from Chiropractic Life:  Mike has his priorities right! It has been a pleasure to participate in your recovery Mike and always a pleasure to see you.

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