Salt – Friend Or Enemy?

by Chiropractors Brighton on November 8, 2010

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Salt drying in Guérande, France

When most people in the western world think of salt they think of  sodium chloride — a highly refined, processed white substance that is devoid of nutrients. Modern table salt is so devoid of nutrients, in fact, that in the early 20th century, doctors noticed that people who ate white table salt started to suffer chronic degenerative diseases such as goiter. This was caused by the lack of iodine in the salt.  What is not commonly understood, is, that salt has been washed, refined and treated and has had chemicals put in it to make it pour smoothly and you are left with a pure white deadly substance devoid of any nutrition.  Salt found in it’s natural state contains approximately 84 different minerals and after “purification” you end up with only one mineral -  sodium chloride or at best two after the addition of iodine.  That’s two minerals and eighty two minerals missing!!!!!!  Iodine is a naturally occurring mineral in the ocean. It’s abundant in seafood and in full spectrum sea salt, but it’s completely missing from refined white table salt.  White salt is just like white sugar: it’s missing the key supporting minerals and nutrients your body needs to protect and enhance your health naturally.

Why would anyone want to eat salt that’s been artificially enriched with one mineral when you could be eating salt that naturally contains eighty-four minerals? I believe the answer is simply because most people don’t even know!   You may have noticed many companies claiming to offer “sea salt”  but virtually all salt is sea salt because it all came from the sea at one time or another in the Earth’s history.  The term “sea salt” is actually quite meaningless because processed salt can still be called “sea salt” even though it is devoid of all the original minerals.   The way to tell if your salt is really full-spectrum salt is to look at the color. If it’s pure white, it’s not full-spectrum – if it’s grey and or sandy coloured it still contains essential minerals.  Only full-spectrum salt fulfills your body’s true salt needs.

There is one other source of excellent full spectrum salt which is obtained from the Himalayas.  This salt is pink in colour and is the result of millions of years of compression under the earth’s surface.  It contains (like seas salt) an almost identical set of elements to those that naturally exist in the blood.  This salt is from a time in earths history when the earth was pristine and contains no impurities.  Unfortunately with our oceans becoming polluted with rubbish and oil spills sea salt may soon no longer be available to us pure and clean, which leaves Himalayan crystal salts!

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