Ruth Says: “I Feel Better In Every Way After My Chiropractic Care”

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 10, 2010

Ruth Butcher - Happy and Satisified

I first heard of The Hove and Brighton Chiropractors, in Portland Road, Hove, just over three years ago, through a friend at my church in Hove, who himself had been greatly helped there.

As I had had trouble for some months with severe pain in my right knee and found walking painful and difficult, I decided to have a preliminary talk with Dr Richard McMinn. As a result of this meeting I began an intensive course of therapy which centred on an adjustment to my spine which was the basis of my troubles (though I did not realise it beforehand!)

From that time onwards I have felt so different; not only was my physical state improved substantially but I felt better in every way.

I have continued my treatment with Dr Helen Martin on a monthly basis which has meant that my body has received the help it needed just at the right moment, and I come away refreshed and renewed both in body and in spirit.  Helen’s care and expertise, together with the trouble she takes to listen and to give advice is something I shall always remember, and value highly.

From the moment I first entered Chiropractic Life I was impressed by the feeling of welcome and care – there is such a happy and caring atmosphere which puts you at ease and in itself helps towards recovery and maintained body improvement.

I really look forward to my visits each month.

Ruth Butcher.

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