Ridiculously Simple Steps To Transform Your Health (and Life) : Step Ten

by Chiropractors Brighton on October 12, 2009

armpits_applying_deodorantOur Ridiculously Simple Steps to Transform Your Health (and Life) are about protecting your health, your greatest asset and are designed to empower you, to help you feel in control of your life and help you to make positive changes which will improve your health, and therefore your life and the lives of those you love. In previous steps we have talked about choices, and indeed, life is full of choices even down to whether we will pull the blankets over our head and stay in bed, or get up and face the day! Our purpose is to arm you with knowledge, real knowledge, tried and tested. With knowledge comes power, and with this power we can choose a direction that will definitely take us towards a healthier future.

With all the conflicting advice it sometimes seems impossible to separate fact from fiction. Over the last thirty years (and a long time before that too) we have consistently challenged most of the information that has been readily available to the general public and through our Ridiculously Small Steps we present our findings to you.

Our industrialized society has left a toxic footprint in our environment and every single day of our lives we are exposed to an unbelievable amount of toxic chemicals which even reach a developing foetus in the womb. Over the last few years it has been reported that we are exposed to over 60,000 different chemicals in our environment and that our exposure in one day is equal to that of our grandparents lifetime! Recent reports have indicated that actually up to 80,000 different chemicals are floating around us in our environment and the number is increasing. The singular effect of these chemicals in our bodies is massive but the cumulative effects may cause our bodies to become a very toxic chemical soup!! These chemicals wreak havoc with our hormones, organs and cells. Attempting to detoxify all these chemicals takes energy (no wonder people are constantly tired) – energy that could be put to better use in the body to repair and heal. Almost every system of the body can be affected by toxic build up. Many of these toxic chemicals mimic the female hormone oestrogen. In fact, this is so widely known that scientists named an entire classification of chemicals as Xenoestrogens.

Environmental toxins are everywhere. They are in the food we eat, the air we breathe, our water, the cleaning products in our laundries and kitchens, the plastics we use, our cooking utensils, our hair shampoos and cosmetics, our perfumes and deodorants, carpets, paints, print, cars etc and even your “harmless medication!” The list is endless.

It almost seems overwhelming. Where do we start?? Our advice is to just begin – begin with something, and we think a good place to begin is with the use of deodorants and anti antiperspirants. These are used underarms where there are large apocrine glands receiving chemicals through the hair follicle into the body. This makes breast tissue very vulnerable – equally in men and women. The purpose of perspiration is to cool and cleanse the body. A deodorant is designed to kill bacteria and an antiperspirant reduces and/or prevents perspiration. This is dangerous to your health – preventing the body from doing what it is designed to do naturally.

Our Ridiculously Simple Steps to Transform Your Health (and Life) is to reduce your exposure to unnecessary harmful toxic chemicals and choose a healthy alternative to your current deodorant- The Crystal Salt Rock.  Crystal Salt can be used as a natural and healthy under-arm deodorant to eliminate odour-causing bacteria. Moisten and then apply wet to the skin as you would a bar of soap. Go over the area several times to ensure good coverage. Be very generous with the area you are covering. The salt stone leaves an invisible, protective layer of salt that works throughout the day to prevent odour caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration. This invisible layer of salt helps your skin stay fresh and clean without clogging pores. I have not used regular deodorant for twenty years (and yes, I do still have friends!) Apart from being a healthier alternative, it is also very cost effective. One rock costs approximately £5 and will last 12 – 18 months – unless you drop and smash it! For first time users I would suggest giving the underarms a good rub with the moistened stone every night and morning for at least two weeks to allow for the cleansing process which will happen once you cease using a regular deodorant.

You can then take the Ridiculously Simple  Steps To Transform Your Health (and Life) a step further. As the products you are currently using begin to finish you can decide to replace them with a more natural, safer alternative. Over the course of the year you will discover that very soon your cupboards contain mostly more environmentally and personally friendly products. Your body will thank you for it. Don’t forget to read the labels. If you can’t pronounce it – avoid it!!

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Dr Richard McMinn Chiropractor Brighton

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