Ridiculously Simple Steps To Transform Your Health (and Life) : Step Four

by Chiropractors Brighton on September 1, 2009

Remember when we introduced the idea of taking ridiculously small steps to improve our health and life, we discussed taking steps so small that it was impossible to fail. Well our Ridiculously Small Step Number Four is certainly just that.

We subscribe to Dr James Chestnut’s ideas for creating the health we were born to have. We believe his programme of Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well is the road map to better health and vitality.

Your regular Chiropractic Care is contained within the Move Well part of the map and our Ridiculously Small Step Number Four is also about moving.

Did you know that stretching can contribute to bone health?

Gently stretching can also:

1. Relax the mind and tune the body
2. Stimulate the flow of nerve, lymphatic fluids and energy currents in the body
3. Reduce muscle tension
4. Increase your range of motion
5. Help prevent injuries
6. Develop and increase body awareness
7. Help you to feel fantastic!

all for just a few minutes of your time.

Stretching CatCats know all about stretching. Cats stretch slowly and gracefully.

Stretching like a cat is about becoming conscious and aware of all parts of your body individually. Stretching can be done at any time but is particularly beneficial first thing in the morning.

Open your hands and and flex your fingers, stretching them wide – just like a cat opening her claws – then stretch your arms out wide. Arch your back and flex your toes and ankles and then rotate your feet – first one way and then the other. The Chinese believe this one action (rotating your feet from your ankles first one way and then the other) when done daily, will increase your longevity!

Even after having a short nap, cats always stretch.

Many of us spend long hours sitting at computers. By gently stretching our legs, arms, wrists and back every hour or so will help to prevent many of the problems caused by sedentary jobs. Rotate shoulders forwards and backwards to help free up stored tension. Begin by using the Ridiculously Small Step Number Four today, to continue along the road to improving your health slowly, gently and naturally!

If you are really serious about stretching you can find more gentle stretches at:


Next Week: Ridiculously Small Step Number Five

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Alexander Rinehart September 11, 2009 at 2:21 pm

At the Buffalo clinic at NYCC, the students have made a schedule of 2-3 exercises per day that people perform every 30minutes to an hour. The days go by faster, the patients see us exercising in the hallways, and it keeps us eating well, moving well, and thinking well!

Karen September 21, 2009 at 4:26 pm

Hi Alex,
Sounds like it is a fun place to work!

Colleen Ghasedi February 19, 2010 at 2:43 am

Hi, I am making relaxation cards for kids and if they work well I am thinking of selling them. I am interested in using the photo from your website of the cat stretching it’s back. Is it in the free domain or is there a cost if I use it? Thanks so much, Colleen Ghasedi

Chiropractors Brighton February 19, 2010 at 7:42 am

Hi Colleen – relaxation cards sound like a lovely idea. As for the image, unfortunately I cannot tell you as our I.T. person who obtained that image no longer works with us, but we do generally purchase our images for the blog. Kind regards, Karen

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