Ridiculously Simple Steps To Transform Your Health (and Life) : Step Twenty Seven

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Heathy Lunch

Lunch Like a Prince

Keep your lunch hour sacred!  It is the time to refuel and refresh your body and mind.

Following on from last week’s Ridiculously Simple Step To Transform Your Health (and Life) we continue our discussion of the optimal way to eat.  Perhaps it’s boring, old fashioned even, to consider taking your own lunch to work , however this is often your best protection against consuming the wrong foods while at work.  Whether we are in fact at home or at work, lunch should be a considered meal and should definitely be seen as an important part of your day.  Many people, especially those working in an office environment have acquired poor eating habits simply because of the lack of available healthy, fresh foods.  Bringing  your own from home will help you avoid the temptations of unhealthy alternatives that are paraded at check outs.  The smell of baked goodies drifting on the air, inviting us to buy can often be overwhelming when we are hungry.  Basic tip number one – never go shopping for food of any kind when you are hungry as you will inevitably make unhealthy choices and spend much more than you intended.

What we  eat can definitely help us stay alert and energised during the day and into the afternoon, however food cannot compensate for other lifestyle factors that may be affecting our concentration and productivity.  If we are all ready sleep deprived,( see Ridiculously Simple Steps To Transform Your Health (and Life): Step Fourteen), bored or disinterested in our job, or the activities in which we are involved, no food of any kind is likely to keep us alert and healthy.

To be productive all day long we need to prevent our metabolism from becoming sluggish.  By eating high fat, high sugar foods we place an unnecessary burden on the digestive system  which causes us to become drowsy,  because the body is using all it’s energy to digest and process. The body is a magical machine and it knows where the most energy is needed at any time and digestion becomes high priority to the detriment of focus and clarity.   Many people like to finish their meal with a piece of fruit but we recommend to always start the meal with a piece of  fresh fruit or vegetable which will help to make enzymes readily available for digestion – remember the rule – Fresh Fibre First! By consuming whole, natural foods that provide us with dense nutrition, high-protein and high-fiber, we give ourselves the very best opportunity to be alert and productive during the afternoon.    Eating lunch like a prince is all about eating a good sized nutritious lunch, although obviously not a “king-size” one as at breakfast.  Lunch should be heavily weighted in favour of  soups, salads/vegetables and lean meat with a smaller portion of grains if desired.   Your nutritional strategy for maintaining your mental edge after lunch is similar to breakfast – eating foods that will give a gradual, steady release of energy.  A healthy lunch sets us up for a high energy afternoon and will also help to curtail that evening bingeing.  The wrong foods can wreck our mood and bring on early afternoon cravings which can again cause us to reach for the wrong foods by dinner time.

Planning is the key to eating well. Being organised with healthy foods from home will help to prevent the cycle of events that leads to making wrong food choices when we are in a hurry.  It will also save you money!  A lunch of delicious fresh food brought from home not only provides you with the very best nutrition but you have the opportunity to avoid the lunch crush at the local deli and you can find a quiet spot outside in some sunlight (if possible) where you can eat in peace.  This gives your mind and body a break from the intensity and demands of the office and will refresh and renew your spirit.  Take your allotted lunch hour – you will be more productive for doing so and you will even have time for a stroll and some deep breaths to prepare yourself for your demanding afternoon.

While introducing this weeks Ridiculously Simple Step To Transform Your Health (and Life), to lunch like a prince, you pave the way to health and vitality and clear your head of fog and confusion so that you are more focused, creative and decisive all day long.

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