Ridiculously Simple Steps To Transform Your Health (and Life) : Step Twelve

by Chiropractors Brighton on October 27, 2009

ExcitementRe-igniting Your Passion.

Remember when you were young?  You were enthusiastic and passionate about many things. Do you still have that passion? If not, where has it gone?

Sometime ago I watched a programme about a young man whose aim in life was to get people singing. He went into areas of under privilege and through his personal passion for singing, he moved others from apathy to passion and created choirs of distinction. It was his determination and passion that drove the idea. One young man who was being interviewed remains etched in my memory. He said he used to love to sing and had a dream (passion) that he would sing forever but left school and got into working and responsibilities with a partner and child and he had lost his dream (passion). He was twenty years of age!

The harsh reality of day to day responsibilities can consume our passion and destroy it – if we let it. We need passion to live, otherwise we are only existing! Passion is our passport to enjoying every day of our lives. Living a passionate life is all about rediscovering who we are and getting back to our childlike state. Living a life with passion is about connecting with that moment when we feel our lives lighten up inside and capturing that energy and excitement in that moment, just like we did as a small child. Most people have had struggles and experiences throughout life which may have left them vulnerable. Everything we have experienced in our lives in a negative way can chip away at the very core of our being. Over time we may feel less joy and happiness and our lives become disconnected. It is for this reason that we need to seek out something to make us passionate again. All of us began our lives as passionate beings, full of the deepest sense of who we really are.

The Ridiculously Simple Step to Transform Your Health (and Life) this week is about helping you to re-discover your lost passions and in doing so raise your personal body vibration. Our bodies are controlled by an electrical system – our nervous system – and we experience the world around us through it. As messages are sent to and from our brains the body responds by creating electrical frequencies which cause our bodies to vibrate. We vibrate at different frequencies depending on our emotions, the quality of food we eat and our exercise – in other words our state of health. It has been determined that a healthy frequency is between 62 – 72 Hz. Being positive and passionate helps to produces a frequency of health. Passion ignites passion and it becomes like a wave that we can ride on and others can be drawn along with. It is contagious. Participation is the source of vitality, inner power and passion and is one of life’s most powerful forces. This depth of passion calls us to a higher plane of living, since passion flows from deep within our soul. Do not be afraid of it.

We all need passion in our lives, this powerful emotional force which will propel us forward against all obstacles. Your passion is different to mine. Our passions are as unique as our fingerprints. Although you may not be able to (at this stage of your life) make your passions a part of your work life, they are extremely important as a motivator and when we indulge our passions we are being true to ourselves which raises our self esteem – because we’re worth it!!

If you are still trying to discover what your passions are, create a quiet moment and think about the times in your life when you received recognition and compliments or the times you felt truly happy – perhaps these are areas for you to explore. Passions do not need to be complex they may be something as simple as watching clouds create shapes, or following ant trails or knitting colourful tea cosys or designing an eco engine for the future – whatever it is, there is a little seed of passion hidden just beyond your view. We may have watched the lives of those who spot trains and planes and twitterers who follow sightings of birds and couldn’t understand their interest, but their passion and enthusiasm for their interest creates untold opportunities to connect with others and participation is the vitality of life.

Ignoring our passions requires a lot of energy – energy your body needs to help you heal. Remember there is no-one else like you in the whole universe. You are unique and if you deny what it is that makes you unique, you are denying the world a special gift. You are the one to bring those special gifts to the world. No-one else can bring what you have. No-one will ever bring what you have. You are a one off individual that will never be repeated. Don’t deny the world your special gifts.

Changing the world in which we live has been a passion for some. Think of Mahatma Ghandi. Passion burned within him. By refusing to believe one man could not change the world in which he lived, he passionately and steadfastly held onto his passion and led by example. He was a pioneer – his passion was born from wanting to help his fellow man and his resistance to tyranny through total non violence lead India to independence, and inspired movements for civil rights and freedoms across the world. Just one man with a passion. Could he have done this without a passion? I think not! Passion lives and breathes inside of us – we need to experience it like the pounding of the heart.

You too can change your world if you will listen, heed and harness your own individual passion. It is a mighty power. We may spend years searching for the answer of how to recapture that passion and love of living. This can become an endless search until we finally understand that the answer has been inside of us all the time. Being passionate is about making a conscious choice. Previous Ridiculously Simple Steps to Transform Your Health (and Life) have discussed making choices which take you closer to, or further away from our goals.

Remember – the art of passionate living is a journey – sometimes taken in tiny steps and sometimes in huge leaps of faith. Re-ignite your passion today by taking this Ridiculously Simple Step to Transform Your Health (and Life) - the end result will be renewed joy for living!

Your comments and suggestions are invited on this blog post.  Thankyou.

Dr Richard McMinn Chiropractor Hove

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Rita October 28, 2009 at 10:23 am

Thank you Richard
My half term will be filled with passion. Seeing friends, walking with nature, reconnecting to my inner self and not denying the world my special gifts.
All love Ritax

Karen October 28, 2009 at 12:42 pm

Sounds like a perfect way to re-ignite your passions Rita! K x

Patricia Herriott November 4, 2009 at 9:56 pm

My day was filled with passion meeting work colleaques for a morning coffee break, for charity. The morning went well, and everyone happy with such a simple occasion but a worthwhile one. Thank you Patricia

Chiropractors Brighton November 5, 2009 at 1:54 pm

People have passion for many things. Glad yours gives you pleasure. Mostly the simple things in life are best.

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