Ridiculously Simple Steps To Transform Your Health (and Life) : Step Thirteen

by Chiropractors Brighton on November 5, 2009


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How exciting and healthy do you think you could be if you took this next Ridiculously Simple Step to Transform Your Health (and Life) and added it to your daily routine? Something that could decrease your blood pressure and cholesterol, increase your energy, improve your bone density and muscle mass, increase your life span and improve your sexual performance – would you do it? Knowing it could also improve your flexibility, increase your strength and aid your digestion, would you make it a priority? What if it gave you the most refreshing night’s sleep you could possibly imagine?

Just think – something so great that it could help to prevent chronic heart disease, diabetes, depression? Do you think you might decide it is a worthwhile step to take? How excited do you think you would be if you knew you had within your reach something that could improve your circulation, boost your immune system and maybe even prevent osteoporosis! Are you beginning to think yes, I want to take this next step right now? What if I told you it could help to balance your emotions and reduce your stress and anxiety, would you really be ready to get started? Imagine something that could help to raise your self esteem, infuse your body with vitality and give you an overall sense of wellbeing.

Imagine if this was true and it was absolutely free and even better you were born with this inbuilt ability and you didn’t have to go anywhere to buy it or save up to have it – how empowered would you feel!! Would you use it? How often do you think you would access this opportunity? How often do you think you might express gratitude for it? What if it was available all day long and you could have it at any time you wished? I mean any time at all? What if it was just a matter of choice – should I use it now or later? Would you make the most of taking this next Ridiculously Simple Step To Transform Your Health (and Life)? What if our whole society was doing this? Would it save the government money – money which could be used on other worthwhile projects? Would it free up beds in hospitals to be used for those unfortunate victims of accidents instead of beds being full of people with preventable health problems. No doubt you are now thinking I am going a tad too far with this idea.

Well, each and everyone of us does have within our reach the opportunity to have all the above and much more! You can begin to access it right now – the answer is exercise! Ancient men (and women) were constantly on the move hunting and gathering and seeking food and building shelters and therefore rarely sat down. Today we know that sitting to the body is like sugar to the teeth! We were designed for movement. The lifestyle of modern man has become our downfall and contributed to our ill health. Even one hundred years ago people were moving much more than we do today. Most of life was physical. The mod cons of today have contributed to our inactivity and now even more so in the last ten years with technology being the hub around which the world moves. People spend a lot of time sitting (often incorrectly) and moving very little. In his book, Innate Physical Fitness and Spinal Hygiene, Dr James Chestnut says “the chronic illnesses that are pandemic in industrialised society (cancer, heart disease, vascular disease, obesity, diabetes, depression etc) are the result of a pathological environment, NOT pathological genes. Our genes have no choice but to adapt to (express) the environment they are placed within” How empowering is that? Simply change our environment by moving, eating and thinking healthily and we have access to true health!

Our Ridiculously Simple Step to Transform Your Health (and Life) involves shifting our thinking and making exercise/movement part of our daily life as the ancients did. Their life depended on them moving, and ours does too, but for different reasons. They never consciously thought about moving, it was out of necessity. We can create that too, although we always know we have a choice, so it does require discipline to do it. The obvious movement we can do if our work takes us away from home is to walk or cycle to work, or certainly part of the way! Walking home is another option. This may require restructuring our day, dropping off other activities or asking someone for some help with other projects. It may require simplifying our life in some way. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or even making a commitment to take a brisk walk at lunch time will be a step closer to your goal. Maybe in these economically challenging times we could create social “get togethers” around activity instead of around food and/or drinks! We would be healthier and save money in the process! Perhaps we just need a shift in thinking and be a pioneer to create this. Whatever you decide to do to increase your activity, just know that by taking this next Ridiculously Simple Step to Transform Your Health (and Life) you will be one step closer to the health you were born to express.

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