Ridiculously Simple Steps To Transform Your Health (and Life) : Step Seventeen

by Chiropractors Brighton on December 8, 2009

Jumping For Joy

Joy is a spiritual expression

During the past weeks that we have shared our Ridiculously Simple Steps to Transform Your Health (and Life) we have focused on many ways to enrich your life and improve your health without spending a penny and it never ceases to amaze and fascinate me that the most effective and wonderful ways available to everyone of us to improve our lives, are all free! It simply requires our discipline, commitment and putting in effort to attain them. If we do these things we will always be rewarded.

Joy is not something that is often discussed (unless you are visiting a therapist), but the expression of it, is so invaluable to our health. Dr Christiane Northrup MD says “When you move toward that which is most fulfilling and life-enhancing, with joy and pleasure –  healing follows.”.

Interestingly, the word “joy” is used quite infrequently in our daily communications, except perhaps, at this time of the year, yet “joy” is what we seek each and every day of our lives. We seek it through our work, relationships, activities and material possessions, only to find ourselves disappointed and cheated. How often have we attained that long awaited possession, thinking it will bring us happiness and joy, only to very soon feel that familiar restlessness and emptiness emerge and in an effort to fill that void we look for more things to buy, more things to do, more activities to attend, but still that void persists. Joy is not a physical object, but a spiritual experience, therefore we cannot seek it, or buy it, or trade it, or sell it. If it was available for purchase I am sure the demand would be so great that it would always be out of stock.

Joy must come from within ourselves and must be nurtured to grow, just like any tiny seed or plant and will not grow overnight. Eventually, like a mature plant it will show in all it’s glory. Joy, truth and love flood our lives when our hearts are open. Joy cannot grow in a closed heart. Just like plants needing good soil to flourish, joy requires the right heart conditions to be expressed.

Dr Bach, the creator of the Bach Flower Remedies (for our emotional distresses) said that we will know joy when our personality and soul are in harmony.

Some of the best ways to increase our level of joy include immersing ourselves in nature, and enjoying what each season has to offer – looking for the beauty within it. In addition, loving ourselves and focusing on past joyful experiences. Acknowledge your efforts and successes and be patient with yourself. Watching movies that inspire or make us laugh will automatically increase our joy. Joy is the delight we share with ourselves as we choose self-supportive thoughts, and take self-empowering actions to create success for ourselves.

Life is meant to be joyous! We are pleasure-seeking creatures by nature. Joy makes us younger, smarter, more intuitive, and healthier, with better hormonal balance and immune-system functioning. Joy even positively affects our metabolism. What are we waiting for?? Do we need any further reasons to encourage joy to grow in our lives?

HOW TO BE JOYFUL – DOSAGE: Take one or more of the following Ridiculously Simple Steps To Transform Your Health (and Life) and focus on them to create more joy each day – these actions will help to create an open heart which invites joy to grow.

  1. Feeding our soul is vital. Take time to reflect on the purpose of life – this will help us make positive choices.
  2. Consider what part of your self care you have been neglecting.
  3. Avoid overload – Give yourself permission to say no.
  4. Create some “down” time – don’t make your life too full.
  5. Simplify your life and consider having less (Joy is found in having less, not more)
  6. Nurture your relationships
  7. Practice a Random act of Kindness
  8. Showing gratitude will help to attract joy into our lives
  9. Employ the use of humour
  10. Joy is found in ordinary moments. Take a lesson from children – they do it perfectly.

Joy is our birthright, don’t lose it by choosing something else. As you resonate with joy, love and happiness you automatically draw to you a more meaningful, healthy, loving life.

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