Regular Chiropractic Care Helps My Golf

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 2, 2009

Matt HarperMy advice to anyone experiencing back pain is to try Chiropractic Care. Although my relief from pain wasn’t instant, it was significantly reduced and with regular adjustments and use of the ice-pack, I was soon feeling a lot better.

Admittedly, it was frustrating not being able to play golf and as I started to feel a whole lot better it was tempting to pick up the clubs again but I realised that I needed time to allow my back to heal.

My best advice would be to listen to what your chiropractor tells you. It is in your best interest. They can only do so much and I certainly did not wish to experience the pain I had suffered previously and undo all their good work.

I have to thank Helen Martin as she is an excellent communicator and with her recommendations, exercises and regular care I am now even playing football again at the grand old age of 40!

I also found Richards Health Care Talk to be both educational and informative, as I had no prior experience of Chiropractic Care.

Finally, my wife tells me that my snoring volume has reduced, so she too has benefited from my Chiropractic care and a HAPPY WIFE = A HAPPY LIFE.

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