Personal Fitness With Johnny

by Chiropractors Brighton on May 22, 2011

Chiropractors Brighton

I came to chiropractic life about five years ago  after many years of back pain! I tried numerous other treatments to help me with my pain but nothing seemed to help!

As a personal fitness trainer I live a very active lifestyle and am always on the go and need to be pain free so I can get on with my job.

Chiropractic life have allowed me to do this and now I don’t even consider myself to have any back problems.

I would recommend anyone to chiropractic life if they are suffering with any kind of pain or want to prevent it from occurring in the future.

Many thanks
Johnny Jarvis.

Footnote from Chiropractic Life:  Check out Johnny’s websites above – he’s the man to call to get you on the road to “moving well” and giving you the support and exercises you need -  and of course he is well aware of the need to protect your spine!

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