Patients of The Month – February

February 2, 2009
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From Left to Right : Louisa, Cyril, Sophia and Andy Andrew and Louisa Taylor first met Dr Richard McMinn through the Hickstead Horse Show event and soon became convinced of the value of the Chiropractic Lifestyle but later lost touch due to relocation, however in late 2007 after a chance encounter with Equine Chiropractor, Gail [...]

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Are My Headaches Caused By Food?

January 29, 2009

Monitor what you eat and how you feel in the hours and sometimes days afterwards to detect foods that trigger headaches. There are many different things that cause headaches – the obvious ones like stress, fatigue and other illnesses, however there is one cause that people tend to overlook.  Food. Yes, certain foods are potential [...]

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Why Am I Always So Tired

January 26, 2009

If you or someone you know seems to experience constant fatigue, getting adjusted is a better choice than an espresso or an energy drink! One of the most common complaints voiced by women in our practice is that they are always so tired. Many women feel tired much of the time. What can cause this [...]

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We Are Now an Award-Winning Clinic!

January 20, 2009

On Wednesday, 21st January 2009, Dr Richard McMinn will be presented the Patient Partnership Quality Mark award from the prestigious College of Chiropractors at a dinner presentation in London.  Karen will also be attending and hopefully getting some fabulous photos in which we can post on here as soon as possible. The award has been [...]

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Going Live

December 18, 2008

Welcome to our blog.  We hope you will find it informative and interesting. Wednesday 17th December 2008 was our Toys for Adjustment Day and through the efforts and generosity of our staff and patients at Chiropractic Life an incredible amount of toys were collected which are being donated to Barnardos Special Needs Children. We hope [...]

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