Not Called Killer Heels For Nothing!

by Chiropractors Brighton on August 10, 2010

They are not called “killer heels” for nothing! People have had a facination with shoes for centuries.  The Chinese practiced foot binding to keep women’s feet so small that they would fit into the tiniest of shoes and geisha girls wore uncomfortable shoes on huge platforms.  In both cases it was to emphasise feminity and weakness.

The modern pre-occupation with jamming feet into“killer heels” that are at the same time uncomfortable and unstable makes me realise we haven’t learned much from the past!

Walking in high heels is not something that every woman can do confidently.  In fact many cannot walk properly or even safely in them at all.  Wearing “killer heels” (not called killer heels for nothing!) can alter the forward curve in the spine, causing the pelvis to tip forward which affects the body’s natural alignment and therefore affects the body’s ability to maintain its centre of gravity which can not only increase your risk of falling but may have a disastrous effect on your nervous system!  Spinal nerves are at risk of becoming pinched also causing back pain, tingling and numbness in the legs and feet.   Twisted and fractured ankles are extremely common injuries.  Tiredness and fatigue can also be an end result.

For the sake of “looking good”, putting your feet into high heeled shoes can have serious consequences for the overall health of your feet as well.  The entire weight of the body will be directed onto the balls of your feet.  This can be especially dangerous for those who are over weight causing the ball of the foot to experience additional pressure which leaves the feet at risk of developing nerve problems and pain and the toes are at risk of becoming deformed by conditions such as bunions, hammer toes and ingrown toenails.  The long term risks include a permanent shortening of the achilles tendon which is often seen in women who constantly wear high heels.  We were never designed to wear heels and by doing so we constantly put our health at risk.

It is thought that arthritis in the knee may be linked to wearing high heels. A study was conducted to determine the amount of force applied to the knee joints of women who wear high heels. The report revealed that when wearing high heels the knee has on average 23% more force applied to it than when walking in low shoes or barefoot. The report concluded that arthritis in the knee is twice as common in women that wear high heels.

There is so much to be gained from a perfectly aligned spine. Compromising it by the wearing of high heels just seems crazy.

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