Non Availability Of Flu Jab? – Consider Yourself Lucky!

by Chiropractors Brighton on January 14, 2011

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Chiropractors Brighton

After months of hyping up the flu scare across the UK, the mad rush of people seeking to buy the vaccine has caused a severe shortage. UK hospitals and clinics have run out of the vaccine, and now a prominent doctor from the Royal College of GPs has publicly urged UK authorities to outlaw the purchasing of vaccines by ‘healthy people’ because they don’t really need the vaccine anyway.  It’s fascinating that all it took was one vaccine shortage for the truth to come out: Healthy people don’t need vaccines, even according to the vaccine experts – and we would argue that unhealthy people don’t need vaccines either!!  What everyone needs is a healthy immune system which comes from Eating Well, Moving Well, Thinking Well and getting regular Chiropractic Care. Lifestyle problems can be corrected with healthier Lifestyle choices!

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