NICE Guidelines for Chiropractors

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 4, 2009

This Way SignThe National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has published new guidelines to improve the early management of persistent non-specific low back pain.

The new NICE Guidelines for Chiropractors is welcome news for patients because it formally recognises the wide range of treatment approaches that modern chiropractors already use and because of this, it is beneficial to our patients.
Although most of our new patients come from word of mouth recommendations from other delighted patients, Chiropractic Life has an excellent working relationship with local GP’s based on mutual respect, so the recent news from NICE which will allow patients to get Chiropractic Care through the NHS (National Health Service) for non-specific low back pain, is welcomed. We have been inundated with enquiries since this announcement and urge patients to communicate their needs to their GP and although this may take some time to introduce it will be welcomed by patients in England and Wales. Patients are often frustrated that chiropractic is not recognised by their GP or the NHS but most GPs are well aware of the growing body of medical evidence for chiropractic care versus drug/surgical intervention.
Although the guidlines may be limiting, some care, rather than no care is a step in the right direction.
With the new guidelines clearly recommending Chiropractic as a useful alternative, patients will, hopefully, have more choice and because of this we also welcome the news.

“…chiropractic has been demonstrated to be more effective for the management of lower back pain than conventional hospital outpatient care”

British Medical Journal, 2004


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