Neil’s Chiropractic Adventure

by Chiropractors Brighton on April 22, 2009

neilI have suffered with occasional back pain for the last six years, but after slipping over I experienced three weeks of back and leg pain more severe than before, to the extent that I had trouble sleeping or sitting for even short periods of time. During this time, I found it necessary to regularly take ibuprofen tablets to control the pain. Having experienced no real improvement, I saw an advert for the Chiropractic Life clinic offering a consultation at a reduced fee, and decided to make an appointment.

I had never visited a chiropractor before, but had spoken to friends who had benefited from this kind of treatment. I also remembered that my doctor had suggested chiropractic care several year ago, but as my symptoms had eased I had not pursued this.

I was slightly apprehensive before my first visit to Chiropractic Life, mainly due to not knowing much about chiropractic treatment, but was met by friendly and helpful reception staff. After completing a health history regarding my general health and what I hoped to achieve from my treatment I was asked to watch a DVD which explained what this field of health care involved and what it could offer.

I first saw Dr Catherine Crane (but have subsequently been seeing Dr Richard McMinn) and was immediately put at ease with their friendly manner and ability to explain all aspects of chiropractic treatment clearly. We discussed in great detail the symptoms I had experienced, after which time I was given an examination which tested the areas where I felt pain or weakness and my reflexes. I then consented to being x-rayed to find the exact cause of my problems.

The next day I was showed (in lay terms) the results of my examinations and x-rays and the recommended course of treatment, which was followed by my first adjustment. I was told what to expect after having an adjustment and the reasons for it, so that I quickly felt quite relaxed about a type of treatment that seemed a little daunting before it started. Importantly, I also received valuable advice about how to help my back condition, such as using ice packs, which immediately helped reduce my symptoms.

I have recently completed an intensive programme of adjustments over a month, and have been pleased with the results. My progress was reviewed and I was surprised to find that certain problems with my posture had already improved significantly. I would calculate that the level of pain I am now experiencing is reduced by about 70% – not bad after one month of treatment. I have now been given a course of exercises to do at home to complement my recovery.

The results so far have encouraged my to continue with chiropractic care as I look to improve further.   I no longer have trouble sleeping, and feel confident that this type of treatment will aid my long term health.

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Damon McMinn April 23, 2009 at 12:43 am

A clear example of a new patient’s experience.

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