Nature Needs No Help – Just No Interference

by Chiropractors Brighton on February 24, 2010

Nature needs no help

Nature is perfect as it is!

We were designed to be healthy.  Nature is programmed to succeed. Every day, every minute, nature is striving for balance (homoeostasis).   Nature requires no help, it merely requires no interference. Doctors of Chiropractic specialise in removing that interference to the body’s master system – The Nervous System – to allow it to heal itself naturally.

Does your current belief system prevent you from achieving the health you deserve and desire?  Do you believe you were born to be healthy?  Do you believe nature needs no help – just no interference?

Dr Richard Mcminn at college

Dr Richard McMinn at Palmer College 1977

Many people know our story – you may not!   These pictures of Dr Richard McMinn were taken during his years at Palmer College where he studied to be a Chiropractor.  He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa in March 1977 and to this day has maintained that nature needs no help – just no interference.  He has raised his five children from birth with that belief, each child receiving Chiropractic care since the moment of birth to this day and has proved that by removing interferences to the nervous systems of his children it is indeed possible to express true health.  Each child was born at home and has been raised with this natural first philosophy – the eldest now being 30 years old (see testimonial from Trent McMinn).  No vaccinations, no medicines, no drugs.

Drugs do not bring health.  They just mask symptoms. Like smashing the fire alarm to stop it from letting us know there is a fire.  The house still burns.  Pain is a warning signal and should never be ignored.  It should be explored, but the question remains how have we arrived at pain in the first instance.  Generally (unless by accident), pain is the end result of poor lifestyle choices.  Are we eating well, moving well, thinking well and living well?  These things are our responsibility and are the basic steps to creating health.  It has been said that this generation is the first generation that does not seem to know what we need to do to maintain health, due in part to all the false advertising (which appears as truth) that surrounds us.

Do you want to reach your fullest potential?  Do you want your children to reach their fullest potential?  Most do, but don’t know how or where to start.  We need to start at the beginning and surround ourselves with what creates health. Eating, Moving and Thinking Health. These steps are very basic and are often viewed as far too simplistic and are mostly overlooked or completely forgotten, however they are essential to sustain and maximise our health and life.  Our lifestyle is the key to our health.

To achieve true health we must avoid interfering with nature’s ability to be whole, healthy and complete. Our body has the inbuilt capacity to attain, achieve and maintain health – this is our innate inteligence, present in the whole of nature. The human body has the ability to be whole, healthy and balanced and when it is out of balance it simply means that something is interfering with that ability.  Our body has all the systems and functions to maintain health and it does this automatically without a thought from us.  We could not possibly know what internal part needs repair or indeed what is a priority for today (but your body knows) or when and how to digest, what hormones need manufacturing and releasing, when to pump blood and where, when to detox,  when and how to repair cells in your eyes, limbs and organs, how to heal that broken bone, when to breathe etc – this is your marvellous nervous system innately doing it’s work without any direction from us. Your nervous system is the master control system and when something seemingly “goes wrong” it’s not because your body doesn’t know what to do, it’s because something is interfering with the system.    This is called nervous system interference and every day Doctors of Chiropractic remove this interference to allow the body to heal itself naturally.  Nervous system interference is detectable at an early stage prior to any signs or symptoms.  During childhood, these signs or symptoms are often dismissed as “just part of growing up” however they are an integral part of your body’s alarm system telling us that there is interference in the nervous system.

Is your belief system preventing you from experiencing true health?  Begin making changes today – phone our clinic on 01273 208188 to have your Nervous System checked for interferences.  You’ll be glad you did!

Our Chiropractors at Chiropractic Life are Spinal Nerve Specialists.

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Chiropractor Coventry February 26, 2010 at 12:47 pm

Good post, informative and well written. I think it needs more photos from the 70′s.
How do people react when you say you’re a chiropractor?

Chiropractors Brighton February 26, 2010 at 1:19 pm

Thank you “Chiropractor from Coventry” – Are you a seventies chiropractic graduate??

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