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by Chiropractors Brighton on June 8, 2011

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There is trauma in separation from nature.

It’s official: depriving your children of physical contact with the ‘Dirty, Outside World’ is bad for their health; a certain exposure to germs is essential for a child’s development; pure exposure to various micro-organisms and other environmental factors leads to pure immune resistance, which means that the child will be less susceptible to disease later in life.
In Western, urban societies, there’s been a growing prevalence of allergies in the last 15 years, and experts say that it’s because of an obsession with cleanliness. One of those at the forefront of the ‘hygiene hypothesis’ is Dr Dennis Ownby, chief of allergy and immunology at the Medical College of Georgia. Among other things, his studies have found that babies in households with multiple pets have fewer allergies at age six or seven, not just to animals, but also to ragweed, grass and dust mites.
But more than that, it seems that parents’ paranoia about their children getting dirty contributes to what has been coined ‘play malnourishment’ by Doug Cole, Chairman of the UK-based International Play Association.

What a great tragedy it is to deprive a child the experience of hours in the natural world of earth and sky, grasses, flowers,bushes, trees, water, bugs, birds and animals, of all kinds.  It is so much more important that children play with dirt than with video games.

Playing in Dirt and Mud Builds a Child’sImmunity | Child Magazine

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