“Mummy, What Are Doctors And Nurses?”

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 18, 2010

Back in 1993 our daughter Elise, who is now studying to become a Chiropractor at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, came home from her new school and asked me “Mummy, what are doctors and nurses?” Admittedly I was shocked and responded, of course you know what they are – but of course she didn’t and it took me a few minutes to realise why.  She had been raised with a “natural first philosophy” and had never been exposed to what doctors and nurses do! She was born at home (in front of the open fire) she had never been to a doctor, she was never vaccinated, (all the boys were also born at home and had never been vaccinated or been to a doctor either), she had never been to visit anyone in hospital (there had been no reason to do this), she had never been given medicines – there was absolutely no reason why we would have had any cause to discuss doctors and nurses.  We constantly discussed health, though, which was in the context of lifestyle - helping her (and her brothers) to understand they were responsible for the wonderful body they had been given. Doctors and nurses  had never been a topic of conversation, since all the children (five) had been born at home and had never even been to a doctors office, so of course at that young age she had not even been exposed to the idea – the idea of a doctor for aches, pains and illness was only introduced to her when she began school. Thankfully even at that young age she understood a great deal about self responsibility and the impact it has on our health.  A further interesting thing happened when she was about ten years old.  On this particular day her class (all thirty of them) were lining up to have a measles vaccination.  One child (probably trying to make sense of the world) announced to Elise that she was going to die (because she was not getting the vaccination).  Apparently (according to the teacher) she responded with – it is more likely you will be the one to die from the vaccination!!! – Such is the power of belief.  Two children,  both with equally strong belief systems – one for vaccination and one against!  Just think how that power can be used for good.  Both children were echoing the belief system they had inherited from their parents.  What are we teaching our children?  Are we teaching them they can have awesome health just by taking responsibility for their lifestyle, or are we condemning them to a life dependent on on someone else and medication?  Recent scientific research (the new science of epigenetics) has revealed that we can influence our health by up to -99% and that only 1% is pre determined genetically – that is so empowering knowing we can be the creators of our own health.  Elise and her four brothers have benefited from regular Chiropractic Care since the day they were born, and continue to do so – regularly making sure their nervous system (the power house of the body) is free of interference, so that the body can do it’s own work or self healing.

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