Maintaining Optimal Health Must Become More Valuable Than Trying To Recover From Loss Of It!

by Chiropractors Brighton on February 28, 2011

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True Chiropractic is about restoring and maintaining the integrity of the nervous system – giving it the best opportunity to work to its fullest potential.  We experience the world through our nervous systems and just the very act of living (in this modern world) interferes with the way our nervous systems works.  Your nervous system is the most important system in your entire body as it controls and co-ordinates virtually every cell, tissue, muscle, gland and organ in your entire body – that is why your Chiropractor is so interested in your nervous system. Every day life – beginning with the birth process can have such an impact on our nervous systems.  Childhood falls, traffic accidents, sporting injuries, bad work practices, lack of exercise, drugs, stressful relationships, work problems, debt, etc etc all have an impact on the nervous system and it’s ability to transmit messages to and from the brain.  If you ever wondered how important your nervous system is just ask yourself the following questions -

  • How long can you live without food – approx 40 days
  • How long can you live without water – approx 4 days
  • How long can you live without oxygen – approx 4 minutes
  • How long can you live without a nerve impulse – YOU CAN’T – that is why your Chiropractor is so interested in your nervous system!

Your nervous system controls everything!  Most people arrive at our clinic with a problem that is causing pain and of course are looking for relief.  Our Chiropractors help to identify the cause – most often – nervous system interference!  Our Chiropractors remove that interference, thus allowing the nervous system to communicate with the body unimpeded and allows the body to heal itself naturally.

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