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by Chiropractors Brighton on October 25, 2010

My Chiropractic Story – At Chiropractic Life
I visited ‘Chiropractic  Life’ in August ’10 as I had read good reviews about the clinic for being ‘friendly’ and ‘effective with their treatment.‘  I was curious to find out whether chiropractic treatment could help improve the alignment of my spine and posture as I had only expeienced a ‘check up here and there’ with a chiropractor during my teenage years which I found helped at the time for other complaints i.e . hunched shoulders due to carrying heavy school bags. I am now 31 years old and so that was a while ago!
I had noticed over the last few months that my pelvis (What I thought were hips) was significantly tilted and one leg appeared to be longer than the other. I could not understand the reason for this at the time as my G.P. had measured my legs and they were the same length! I was advised by my G.P to improve my core stability and aligment through exercise. This had value although I still did not feel right and my pelvis still seemed tilted and out of aligment.
During my first visit to  ‘Chiropractic Life’ I was warmly welcomed by staff at the clinic and my chiropractor, Helen Martin took an X Ray which confirmed that my pelvis was in actual fact significantly tilted, this had also affected the alignment of my spine and I recall experiencing  a ’trapped nerve in my neck’ several times over the last few months which had restricted movement in my neck. This X ray also helped to explain that my leg looked longer due to the pelvic tilt.
My chiropractor and I discussed a treatment plan for me to attend twelve adustments within four weeks and then review the situation. Following the first few inital adjustments I could already see an improvement with my aligment and the pelvic tilt had reduced so that I was more balanced. I was very pleased with this quick result. I had a further six chiropractic adjustments which were spread out over a course of one month.
I have been very satisfied with the chiropractic treatment that I have received and I have not experienced any further complaints with trapped nerves in my neck and the aligment of the pelvic tilt seems to be holding and adjusting well.
I plan to continue having regular check ups at Chiropractic Life in order to maintain the good progress which has already been made. I can help myself to maintain this  progress and make healthier lifestyle choces in terms of being aware of my posture at work when sitting in front of a computer or when I am ’lounging about’ at home. Furthermore, I no longer sleep on my front which is bad for my neck and spine!
I recommend to my family and friends and others that they may also benefit from a consultation with a Chiropractor to discuss their back or neck complaints and find out for themselves how to increase their wellness and wellbeing.

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