Life Changed Through Chiropractic!

by Chiropractors Brighton on April 15, 2009

emmalouise-262x300In July 2007 I was fit and active as any 22 year old should be, and then I had an accident and injured my back. During the good days I could hardly walk with help (it was frustrating how slow I was), and on the bad days I was bed bound. I had pain aching in lower back and neck pain that became sharp agony with movement, but it was too uncomfortable to stay in any one position for  long. I had numbness as well as pins and needles in my feet and legs, I was dependent on others for the most basic of things. I didn’t sleep for more that 15-20 minutes at a time and horrible headaches, my GP made referrals and filled me full of strong painkillers and muscle relaxants, which occasionally dulled the pain. 5 months later and I still hadn’t seen anyone that I had been referred to, but my GP couldn’t offer me any other help, out of
hours doctors wouldn’t come out as the couldn’t do anything either, I was fighting to get seen for months, I finally cracked I felt so helpless.

I knew a few people that used chiropractic but wasn’t sure what to make of it as I didn’t have much information to make an opinion, but my mum suggested that I try it, I knew if I just got seen by a health professional the proverbial ball would finally start to roll on diagnosing my problems. In April 2008 I first visited Chiropractic Life, I opened the door to a calm welcoming atmosphere where everyone is genuinely caring and friendly. I saw Dr Richard McMinn who put me at ease, explained how chiropractic worked and what to expect, and have been having regular appointments ever since.  I started to notice differences, my headaches eased off, I started to sleep better.  Now I am able to walk better and quicker, my movement is less restricted, and rarely suffer headaches,I have started going out other than to appointments, I feel positive that I will continue to improve rather than distressed all the time.

I would highly recommend that any one suffering with pain, or who wants to prevent suffering pain should go to a chiropractor, and because of the level of care I have, and still receiving I would recommend going to Chiropractic Life.

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Damon McMinn April 23, 2009 at 12:45 am

A positive and affirming chiropractic experience.

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