Largest Chiropractic Conference In The United Kingdom!

by Chiropractors Brighton on October 17, 2011

Some said it wouldn’t last.  Some said “give them six months” – now it is the largest meeting of Chiropractic delegates in the United Kingdom!  That is/was the United Chiropractor’s Association  annual Conference in Birmingham over the weekend -  and we were there!

Over the years there have been many individuals and organisations trying to silence the soul and spirit of the true Chiropractic story – people who want to move away from the founding principles of Chiropractic and reduce Chiropractic to back and neck pain therapy.  We are delighted to announce – Chiropractic in it’s purest form is alive and well – AND GROWING with thanks to Melissa and Amanda from the UCA and tireless individuals who work with passion and compassion to bring the message that health and vitality is within your reach – by keeping the nervous system free of interference so that the body can do its marvellous work of self healing.  Chiropractic is a science, art and philosophy that allows individuals to express the health and life potential they were born to have, and the United Chiropractors Association and it’s members are working to keep it that way.

Look this way for a lifestyle of  natural health and vitality!


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