Knocking On Doors That Do Not Open

by Chiropractors Brighton on May 14, 2010

When Will I Get The Help I Need?

We have been out in the public talking to people about their health and the health of those they love.  Without doubt, the most common comment we heard was “I have been everywhere, done everything, but still the problem persists!” A little further investigation reveals that in fact “the everything” did not include Chiropractic Care!!

It seems people spend their lives knocking on doors, being sent from pillar to post and back again with no resolution for their health problems.  Unfortunately most  people have been getting the wrong advice!!  We hear time and time again that these same people have been offered drugs to numb or dull their pain.  This does not get to the root cause of the problem.  It just acts like a band aid and the problem is still there.    Often out of fear, surgery is accepted as the only answer, but was there any investigation into what lead to the health problem in the first instance?  What part of the Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well programme was missing?  Very often there is a lot missing.   We can continue to cut bits and pieces from the body and it will continue to adapt – the body is very resilient, but unless the cause of the problem is addressed, general ill health will persist.

The most powerful system of the human body is the Nervous System, which controls and co-ordinates every other cell, tissue, muscle, gland and organ in the entire body.  The Nervous System is housed in the moving bones of the spinal column.  Interferences in the nervous system interrupt vital messages responsible for healing.   At Chiropractic Life we focus on removing those  interferences so that your body can begin to heal naturally.

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