Kerrie On Chiropractic, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Heartburn, Chronic Tiredness and more!

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 25, 2010

Checking Kerrie for Nervous System Interference

The scientific community is “going crazy” looking for “evidence” for Chiropractic – trying to measure it in the same way that they measure the effectiveness (or not) of drugs and they will never succeed using the same measuring stick!  There is no way to measure the innate intelligence of the body (at least not yet).  It’s experiences like Kerrie has detailed below, that keeps the Chiropractic profession growing with millions of new patients each year. Kerrie had all ready been down the medical route taking pharmaceuticals which had been approved through research – read what that did to her!! It’s miracles like this (as far as the patient is concerned) that reminds us that evidence is what patients experience!

This is Kerrie’s Story:

I first consulted Chiropractic Life in April this year as I suffered with chronic tiredness, constant headaches, relentless IBS symptoms, heartburn and indigestion on a daily basis. All of my bones, joints and muscles were extremely painful. My neck and shoulders were the worst – I had a constant burning pain in my neck, shoulders and back and a stiff neck more often than not, along with a constant pain in my right arm. I was highly stressed, very depressed and found it impossible to get a decent nights sleep as I would wake up every couple of hours, despite the fact that I was SO tired I could cry! Every morning when I woke up, I felt like I had been run over by a truck and all my bones were broken. Basically, it was ruining my life. I became the total opposite to how I have always been. I had neither the inclination nor energy to socialise at all.  I felt stressed, depressed, anxious, panicky and very negative :(

I had been going to my doctor for a couple of years with all these symptoms. I had various different types of tests including having my vitamin levels checked, blood tests and bone scans but the results all came back as normal. I was seen by an orthopaedic doctor and a rheumatologist who eventually diagnosed me with FIBROMYALGIA. This was around 4 years ago now.

I was told that there was no known cause or cure for FIBROMYALGIA and that I just had to accept it!  I was then told that the only course of treatment available was anti-depressants (which acted as a sedative to aid with sleep) and high strength painkillers. I was given AMITRIPTYLINE, NORTRIPTYLINE, TRAZADONE HYDROCHLORIDE, 600mg IBUPROFEN, DICLOFENAC, CODRYDAMOL, COCODAMOL and SLEEPING TABLETS. None of them made any difference whatsoever to my sleeping patterns or pain relief. I stopped taking the painkillers as they didn’t even help with the headaches, let alone anything else. The only thing they did was make me feel light-headed and nauseous.  I was then put on MIRTAZAPINE which helped slightly with the sleeping but I’d still wake up several times throughout the night. I am currently still taking these but intend to stop taking them ASAP when I have had a few more adjustments.

My symptoms had been getting steadily worse and I was just not willing to accept that I would have to live the rest of my life in this way. To me, this wasn’t ‘living’ at all.  On bad days I even wished that I simply did not exist.  I began trawling the internet everyday in the hope that I would find a ‘miracle’ cure.  Frankly, it had got to the point where I would have quite happily rolled around naked in stinging nettles if I thought I may get just one pain-free day or a decent nights sleep!!  I then found a story that a husband had written about his wife who had suffered with FIBROMYALGIA for 15 years who eventually consulted a chiropractor for help. She was told that her neck bone was out of place, had a course of chiropractic adjustments and gradually started to feel better until she was totally pain-free and back to normal.

I looked up chiropractors in my area and saw that Chiropractic Life had been voted the ‘Most Loved Chiropractic Clinic in the UK’ and rang for an appointment immediately! I was a bit nervous at first but when I arrived I found the office to be very well presented and clean with a very relaxing atmosphere and the staff were really friendly and helpful.

Richard did an examination and took some x-rays and we discovered that the bone in my neck was completely out of place. He told me that the neck has a natural curve in it to support the weight of the head and sometimes, when traumatised this can become straight. Mine had gone beyond straight and was actually curving the opposite way to how it should be!

When I began my treatment I was a bit worried that it may hurt, especially considering the pain I already had but Richard assured me that he would be very gentle and that it wouldn’t hurt. He made me feel very relaxed and I trusted him immediately.

I have been having adjustments for a couple of months now and I have not had a single headache since the very first oneAfter a couple of visits I had no more pain in my neck, bones or muscles. The daily heartburn and IBS symtoms have also disappeared.  After a few more, my sleep improved and the chronic tiredness and depression seemed to slip away also!

I would HIGHLY recommend chiropractic to ANYBODY who is suffering from ANY type of health problem that cannot seem to be resolved. I can honestly say that is is, by far, the BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT! In fact, my 21 year old daughter has noticed such a difference in me that she booked in with Richard for a consultation too, and is due to start her course of treatment soon. I’m so happy that she is going to be enjoying the benefits from her age and I only wish I had started mine years ago!  I will continue to come for regular check-ups for the rest of my life, now that I can see what a difference it has made.

I feel like a new person! I decided to stop smoking a couple of weeks ago which I could never have done before my treatment for fear that I may actually die of stress!  I am much happier, have lots more energy and view things in a much more positive way.  All of my family and friends have commented on the changes in me and how pleased they are to have me back to my usual, happy & healthy self!

I cannot thank Richard and Karen enough for all their help, understanding, support and kindness and will continue to ‘spread the word’ about chiropractic whenever the opportunity arises!

Much love and best wishes to Richard, Karen and all the staff at Chiropractic Life to whom I will be eternally grateful.

Kerrie xxx

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This is a proof that chiropractic really works and is good for the body. Nothing beats natural healing. :)

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