Jan’s Chiropractic Success

by Chiropractors Brighton on April 17, 2009

Lower back pain treatment BrightonAround 10 years ago I had a very physical job in Retail, working one normal delivery day on a pallet of stock I lifted a box wrongly and soon realised oh dear! I dropped the box so quickly not realising either it was full of glass items. I felt something clench very quickly in my neck/shoulder area carried on for the rest of the day without too much bother. The next day gave me great pain like pulled/sore muscles after the gym. Progressively got worse tingling down the left arm and feeling very heavy most of the time and after trying deep heat etc., to no avail went to the doctors and he rescribed the good old Ibrupofen and said go away you strained yourself it will ease in a day or two…..

After a very painful month a friend of my Mum recommended a Chiropractor, sadly at this time was NOT Chiropractic Life, I went there and although seem to be fixed very quickly I went away.

One hot summer August day in London 2 years ago, carrying stock, laptop & my handbag my thoughts turned to a pain I had experienced once before, oh dear I said…. There I went back to the other Chiropractor – Never really getting to the bottom of it this time. It was only 2 months ago having to take my Husband to Hove Poly clinic did I find my Golden Ticket to Chiropractic Life…. I immediately went home and online and booked an appointment.

I was met by Dr. Sarah Woodland and she immediately put me at ease although at this time I was ready to breakdown with tears of pain, but Sarah reassured me of what lied ahead and the journey would be long and may encounter some setbacks too. I had some x rays and they revealed some disturbing news, Sarah explained the damage in great detail and I was truly mortified to think I had suffered for 2 years in silence.

I began a month of very intensive adjustments (3 visits per week) with Sarah at the clinic in Portland Road, The atmosphere is so very friendly and very homely, Jeremy on reception has a very calm nature and immediately puts you at ease. The whole experience is so ‘family’ orientated and very very welcoming. Its incredibly friendly.

The pins and needles did not stop at all, I do lots of driving with my job, I am a Regional Manager for a Children’s Charity and my region takes me far north some days and far East on others. My left arm felt heavily burdened and couldn’t find any driving position that gave me relief, my sleep was just awful and my family and friends described me as half empty!! I am always very fizzy and always half full…. I felt myself down with a cloud hanging over me.

I came to the end of month one where Dr. Sarah discussed my progress and some tests to evaluate where I was at. Sarah gave me lots of exercises to strengthen the shoulder and neck area and plenty of ICE at every opportunity… Even taking a cool bag to work with me as I drove to cool the neck area during my journey. The tingling has almost gone and I never had any doubts of the help I would receive, but not for a moment it would be as incredible as this.

I am now almost at the end of month two, and I can honestly say I am about 85/90% in a better place than I have been in a long time. The tingling has almost subsided and when I drive I have almost a pain free journey, occasionally get caught out. I am much happier positive and excited about the future of one day coming long to the clinic just for Maintenance!! Thank you so very much Sarah for making me better again.

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Damon McMinn April 23, 2009 at 12:48 am

Great story explaining why regular chiropractic care is so invaluable.

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