Jane’s Chiropractic Discovery

by Chiropractors Brighton on July 14, 2010

I have always had a curvature of the spine since I was small but a few months ago I started getting very bad pain in my lower back that was preventing me standing up easily, hurt when I sat down and made it very difficult to get around. I had read that back pain can go away after about three weeks but after around two and a half I decided to go to the doctors to see if there was anything they could do. They advised me that they would refer me to a physiotherapist but that it could take up to four weeks. Not wanting to feel like my hips and back were locking up every time I stood I decided to look for alternatives.

I know other people that have used chiropractors and decided I would give Chiropractic Life a go as they were near to my home and I had nothing to lose. I did my research beforehand so that I was fully prepared and knew what to expect. I will admit to being a bit skeptical as I was not sure how the adjustments would work and I had also heard some less than favourable reviews about chiropractic care.

I always make up my own mind so armed with this information and a pinch of cynicism, visited Chiropractic Life. I received such a friendly welcome and each member of staff made me feel as though they really cared, as opposed to the rushed, one in one out feeling you often get when visiting the doctor. Glenn carried out an initial assessment and made a special effort to schedule an appointment in for that day so that I could start treatment immediately. Later that evening I was surprised to receive a call from the clinic to check how I was feeling. They said that sometimes the pain can move or feel worse before it gets better but my back pain started to ease from my first adjustment.

I am so pleased with the results. It is hard to say if it was purely down to this or if my back would have started to heal itself anyway but I believe the care I received played a massive part in my continuing recovery. I did also see a physiotherapist twice, who after a week said he had not expected my back to be better so quickly, which I believe can be attributed to the care I received at Chiropractic Life. Not only did my back pain ease but I also noticed that I felt more relaxed and stress free after my visits. It is nice to know you are taking care of your body and I will be having regular check ups to ensure my progress.

Jane Everest

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